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​10 ideas that prove bricks are ideal for interior décor

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Shoreditch EC1: Warehouse Living Increation Industrial style kitchen
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When it comes to new and inspiring ways to decorate interior spaces, there is an entire world of choices before us which includes colour, pattern, style and, of course, materials. And today we want to focus on a natural material that is quite unsurpassed in terms of the raw appeal it brings to any space: brick. 

Just like wood, brick is available to us in many looks, which means it can fit in with just about any interior design style. Want a brick wall with a raw and rustic appeal? Keep it exposed in its naturally red hue. If you want a space to flaunt a more toned-back and serene look, we advise coating those bricks in a white colour. 

But let’s scroll on to see more inspiration and some visual representation for brick surfaces…

1. Brick as a backsplash

Who said tiles are the only option for your kitchen backsplash? These brick surfaces complement the wooden countertops while also enhancing the earthy colour palette most superbly.

2. Bricks that define your style

Sometimes decking out an entire room in brick can be too much. 

Thus, we recommend coating only the divider wall in exposed brick and leaving the two adjoining rooms clean and neutral, as shown in this exquisite example above.

3. A combination of hues

This dining room’s wall opted for various bricks in different hues – some are warm and earthy while others flaunt a quite dark look. This ensures an eye-catching and intriguing surface which makes the perfect backdrop.

4. Reviving your brick

Shoreditch EC1: Warehouse Living Increation Industrial style kitchen

Shoreditch EC1: Warehouse Living


Discovering what is behind your plaster wall can be an intriguing experience. As long as the original brick is in good condition, it can be revived. 

And as you can see in our example above, the different shades of light and dark can look spectacular when combined with the right décor.

5. Styling up shelves

Don’t let your shelves become wall flowers – treat those backdrop surfaces to a brick coating to ensure colour, texture and pattern. Just be sure not to clutter those shelves too much; allow some empty spots so that those delicious brick textures come through.

6. A clean and contemporary look

When brick is combined with light furnishings, the room flaunts a variety of rhythms working together to create a unified space. 

For example, here we can see how the cream floors and plaster ceiling act as clean and serene surfaces which give a contemporary look to the room, whilst the bricks create a warm contrast.

7. The perfect detail

Master Bedroom TG Studio Modern bathroom
TG Studio

Master Bedroom

TG Studio

This bedroom decided to have the wall opposite the bed flaunt a striking look via brick patterns, which not only adds to the design of the room, but also helps to visually ground the space.

8. Keep it light

Fond of a brick wall’s texture, but not in love with those red hues? No problem; just add a dash of white paint to coat up those earthy hues and keep the delicious texture and pattern intact.

9. Perfect for contrast

Having brick in its original earthy colour means that additional furniture- and décor pieces in cooler hues will create even stronger contrast. 

For example, see how this bespoke kitchen space brings in blues and greens which look even more lush and bright thanks to the neutral tones of the brick.

10. Adding some lighting

Sometimes the most perfect touch you can add to a brick wall is lighting fixtures, letting the illumination create an interesting interplay between light and shadow on that patterned surface. 

Look at this focal wall above – would additional wall art pieces or decorative items make that brick wall look better? Our opinion? Definitely not! 

Speaking of shine, let’s see these: 13 lighting ideas for a unique ceiling.

Got any more ideas to zhoosh up a room with brick?

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