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It’s always inspiring to see a remodelling project that is a resounding success. Today, we take you through a small duplex apartment of 34 square meters, which was transformed to a 57-square-meter home, including a spectacular social space with barbeque included. This professionally designed apartment is filled with beautiful and eclectic pieces of art and colourful accessories that carry off the modern style with warmth. It’s a perfect example of optimizing function by using every square meter effectively to produce a stunning result. Take a look!

1. Lighting that achieves the desired effect

We start the tour on the ground floor of the apartment, where this cosy and stylish living room is located. The neutral tones on the walls and floor act as a canvas that highlights the colour on the eclectic art and furniture. Warmth is added to the ambiance by recessed lighting and wood, which brings a textural element.

2. Making the most of every little nook and corner

The stairs leading to the second level is made of solid concrete, which brings an industrial design feature and adds to the eclecticism of the space. The area under the stairs is not wasted. A glass table that serves as an elegant mini bar is accommodated into the recess, with two stools upholstered with multi-coloured fabric boldly contrasting the neutral tones in the area.

3. Small, creative details that make the difference

Now look at this adorable corner that has some original details and good lighting, which add cosiness and style. Wood, mirrors and glass create a completely modern look, while a warm and welcoming ambiance for guests is set by textures and elements such as the natural flowers and decorative objects like the old-fashioned trunks under the floating shelf. The wooden wine rack in the bar area complements the warmth of the space.

4. The small but functional kitchen

We open the door into a narrow kitchen with a strictly linear layout that ends at the sink located near the window. Although the home owners use the kitchen frequently, it’s not their favourite space for making meals. The minimalist kitchen is dressed in white and chrome, which help to expand the space visually. It also has exquisite details, which we will see below.

5. Luxury details in every corner

In order to maintain the harmony between spaces, wood is carried through to the wall cladding in the kitchen, adding warmth and complementing the elements in the rest of the house. With cabinets, drawers and more, the kitchen has enough storage space for all the essential tools and equipment used daily.

6. Matching finishes and original pieces

Wood is not the only material used to decorate the space with wall cladding and accessories. Here we see a unique piece – a clock designed using chrome cutlery. It matches perfectly with the silver mini-oven, while the refrigerator and microwave are in white to retain synergy with the minimalism in the rest of the kitchen.

7. An elegant bathroom for relaxing

We move to the stylish bathroom, which is done up in a similar look as that of the kitchen. The rooms have been designed according to the instructions of the home owners to allocate more or less space to rooms according to their use as well as the importance of the area for those who live in the home. The bathroom is a comfortable and relaxing space with a sink with cabinets and drawers underneath for storing personal items. Small decorative elements add warmth and personality to the area.

8. Trickery with mirrors to expand spaces

Sliding doors are used in almost every room in the home as they save space compared to swing doors and are easy to operate. In this bathroom, mirrors cover the two main walls from floor to ceiling to create a sense of space – a trick that works without fail for magnifying spaces.

9. A comfortable master bedroom

Although it is small, the master bedroom has a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere – perfect for resting after a long day at work. Decorated in light tones, it uses art on the wall in the form of the striking piece at the head of the bed to beautify the space and add colour to the room. Delicate touches such as the floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains and direct as well as indirect lighting add to the sense of cosiness and warmth of the bedroom.

10. Simple and efficient layout with ample space for closets

Seen from the other side, the décor of the bedroom uses neutral shades and mirrors on the wall to create a feel of spaciousness. The closets have sliding doors to save space. Of course, a television can’t be absent from a modern master bedroom. Here, it is mounted on the wall so that it does not cut into the space around the bed.

11. The main area – the grill

It seems impossible that a big social space such as this can be accommodated in a tiny house of 57 square meters! The social area is of primary importance to the home owners who love to entertain guests and celebrate occasions with barbeque parties. Wood, granite and other materials are used to coat this section of the house, which serves several functions – dining room, laundry area and of course, the barbeque area.

12. Art everywhere

Seen from the other side, we come upon the elegant dining space in the social area with striking pieces of art that steal the show with beautiful colours and fun compositions. Once again, light tones are used on the floor and walls, while wood comes into play in the furniture. The dining table is dressed in contrasting black, and you can see the mini balcony on the right. This home lacks nothing!

13. A glass roof

Here you see more colourful art and accessories on the walls and another multi-hued giraffe that matches the one near the balcony. The original glass roof in the dining room is retained to present another attractive feature. The huge glass panels on the roof are designed to invite natural light and prevent the area from seeming dark and cramped. The roof adds to the modernity of the space.

If this modern mini-castle charmed you, see this ideabook for more tips on small apartment interior design.

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