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Transformation of abandoned house

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Here on homify we are all about beauty and functionality when it comes to architecture and interior design. However, it is important to note that all of these fantastic creations were, once upon a time, not much to boast about.  Even the most elegant house had to start on a drawing board, and a lot of the spectacular structures we see here on homify were once fixer-uppers – which is why we dedicate so much time to our ‘before and after’ pieces. 

Case in point today’s discovery: a renovation that is truly noteworthy. We journey to Amarante, northern Portugal, to look at a contemporary style house that has a modern layout, spacious interior, a swimming pool, and even a charming garden. Or rather, that is what this space boasts today, after the geniuses of architectural company Bárbara Abreu had their hands on this project.

Let’s discover this little renovation sensation.

Before: A heap of rubble

What a shocker, but yes, this is what part of the dwelling looked like before the renovation team kicked in.

Nature tried to add some colour by taking care of trees, overgrown grass and some wild vines, but this house’s visual beauty undoubtedly reached new heights once Bárbara Abreu worked their architectural magic.

After: A contemporary home

It’s quite a revelation to see what beauty and potential can be unleashed once creative planning and hard work gets added into the mix, isn’t it? 

Today, this modern little dwelling consists of two volumes that effortlessly communicate with each other. Designed with a modern approach, its layout showcases simple lines, as well as contrasting white with a hint of dark tones visible on the inside. 

From this angle, we can see the brand-new sloped roof (a very modern touch), and a very striking combination of lines and geometric designs. 

And what would a stunning new exterior be without a fantastic lawn? A widespread landscape spreads out from the house, perfect for a multitude of family fun and outdoor activities. And neatly breaking up the green grass is a crisp blue swimming pool, complete with paved area for sunbathing and daydreaming!

After: The new façade

The creators in charge of this dream home thought to bring in a nice measure of sand-coloured stone among the exterior design – an efficient touch to the exterior, yes, but also a nostalgic echo of the house’s previous look. 

Take notice of the angular roof which directs our eyes skywards, yet also lets them slide down to consider the rest of the structure. Quite a nice modern personality displayed here, and also a slight hinting at larger spaces awaiting inside.

After: Exterior dining areas

The rear area of the house presents a charming little outdoor dining spot with adequate shading, sufficient space for moving (or playing for the little ones), and located only a few feet from the interiors – perfect for an outdoor evening meal when it’s too hot to remain indoors. 

Depending on the time of day, this little terrace will collect its fair share of sunshine and shadow, which means that this will be the prime spot for those on a quest to sunbathe, as well as the ones who prefer their outdoor activities to be nicely sheltered.

After: The welcoming interiors

Time to venture indoors, where we are immediately greeted by a marriage of warm wooden surfaces and natural lighting dancing playfully around. The rich, golden-brown hues of the wood (mirrored on the floor as well as the furniture, and contrasting deliciously with the white walls) add an abundance of charm to the indoor spaces, allowing us to feel right at home. 

Grey spots of stone manage to sneak in from outside, adding a rustic element, and create a dynamic visual experience that is most welcome in this contemporary setting.

After: A most practical kitchen

We locate the heart of the home with subtle yet exquisite details like cream-coloured cabinetry, dark marble countertops and a patterned backsplash. 

A timber island firmly yet fabulously separates the cooking- from the dining area and also seems to add ample storage- and prepping space into this open-plan layout.

After: A very unique staircase

How often does one encounter a staircase with such an artistic look? Two sets of stairs are stacked next to each other, making for an interesting journey up and down!

After: The bathroom

Upstairs we locate, among other things, a small bathroom which makes room for the most vital requirements in terms of bathroom usage and privacy. The effortless interior language of a neutral palette continues here – it has simple elements and a warm collection of timber, and it works great. 

And thanks to a generous mirror, the bathroom is visually doubled in size while also allowing for the incoming natural light to reflect and dance around. 

A most unique space considering what the starting-point of this project was! 

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What did you think of the house’s new look and style?

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