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Bathroom ideas with laundry tricks—life changer

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Few words conjure up as much fear and trepidation as these two: laundry day. For most households, this term goes hand in hand with images of bundles and bundles of clothing requiring separating, the search for laundry pins, the mystery of where the fabric softener has been placed, and, of course, a laundry room (or kitchen or bathroom or hallway, or all of the above) with no visible floor, thanks to the scattering assortment of clothing items in a variety of colours.

Yes, doing laundry is most certainly not for the weak. But fortunately there are ways to lessen the painstaking process of getting your whites bright again. You simply scroll ahead and read these 12 amazing tips we’ve gathered especially for you…

1. Colour bleeding

If a coloured item bleeds onto other clothes, don’t put them in the dryer. Rewash the stained articles immediately (without the bleeding culprit) to remove stains while they’re still fresh and easy to fix.

2. Don't forget!

With a dry-erase marker, write reminders and special washing instructions on top of the washing machine or dryer (like reminders telling you to turn that shirt inside out).

3. Ditch the softeners

Fabric softeners and dryer sheets coat towel surfaces with a chemical layer that makes fibres hydrophobic (meaning they can’t absorb water). 

Thus, ditch the softeners and dry sheets if your towels feel much less absorbent.

4. Soft towels

Belgravia - Laundry/Ironing Room off Roof Terrace Meltons Classic style balcony, veranda & terrace

Belgravia—Laundry/Ironing Room off Roof Terrace


To make scratchy towels soft again, wait until the washer’s water is high enough to instantly dilute a little vinegar in it.

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5. Say goodbye to air-dry creases

Tricks laundry basket homify BathroomStorage Wood-Plastic Composite Blue

Tricks laundry basket


Cut a pool noodle to fit the length of a clothesline or hanger. Then cut a line down one side of the noodle and wedge it onto the line or wire.

6. Soak it

Soak that shrunken shirt (or anything else) in lukewarm water and baby shampoo, work through to relax the fibres, gently stretch, and lay flat to dry.

7. Dry your trainers the quiet way

7 BATHROOMS FOR 7 STORIES Lineabeta Eclectic style bathroom



Wedge their knotted laces in the dryer door and then put the shoes in the dryer so that the laces catch above the door. Easy peasy!

8. The perfect match

Group your socks together in a lingerie bag to ensure you never end up with unmatched socks ever again.

9. Protect your delicates

Laundry Room Clean Design Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Clean Design

Laundry Room

Clean Design

Always start with your delicates if you have a few loads. Lightweight items are less likely to shrink if you put them in a cold dryer versus one that’s been working for a while.

10. Be a cheater

Washing area in Living Room Creazione Interiors
Creazione Interiors

Washing area in Living Room

Creazione Interiors

Google, print, and then frame a laundry cheat sheet in your laundry room so that you never forget the rules (like ‘wash in warm water’, ‘do not iron’, etc.).

11. Cheap dryer balls

Ball up some aluminium foil for a dryer ball – your soft and fluffy sheets and towels will thank you! (Bonus points: aluminium also reduces static).

12. Make your sorting super easy

Laundry Room Clean Design Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Clean Design

Laundry Room

Clean Design

Put coloured clothing into a black laundry bin and light items into a white bin. This is sure to cut your laundry time considerably.

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What other helpful hints can you add to our list?

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