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32 window designs to make your house look fantastic

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If eyes are the windows to the soul, windows must be a key part of any home. Today, we're going to show you 32 different styles that absolutely transformed the look and feel of the homes they were installed in. 

Ask any window fitter and they'll tell you how important it is to choose the right style of glazing for your home. Not just in an aesthetic way, but also in terms of energy-efficiency, so we found a myriad of different window types that perfectly satisfy those two considerations. 

So, if you've been thinking about changing your windows, take a look at what you can choose from and see which could set your home's façade off to perfection!

1. Aluminium on the outside and white inside

Makes these windows the perfect combination of modern and pretty.

2. Tempered glass panels with frosting effect

Are ideal for bathroom privacy.

3. Concrete window surround

Adds a great pop of colour and contributes to the rustic look.

4. Dark wooden frames

Look amazing next to pale external render.

5. Super wide windows

Allow you to draw as much light as possible into your home.

6. Low-level sliding windows

Fantastic for kitchens that need good ventilation.

7. Full-height styles

Make for fantastic patio door alternatives.

8. Almost industrial in style

The grey metal framework here is a fabulously modern touch.

These windows even open fully and blur the line between indoors and out.

9. Grey frame

The unusual grey frame here makes the window more of a feature.

10. A full-width glazing installation

Really opens up the house!

11. Have more windows than walls

If you want a lot of natural light.

12. Simple bottom-opening styles

Are great for older properties.

13. A medley of shapes and sizes

Makes for an engaging façade.

14. Corner glazing

Hugely modern and unusual, this corner glazing (with just one opening panel) looks incredible.

15. Square black windows

Perfectly proportional, these black square windows are even better with integrated shades.

Look how stylish they are when closed.

16. Simple aluminium frames

Make these large glazing panels pop.

17. Leaded windows

Add a touch of heritage to any home, old or new.

18. Size matters

The size of these windows is phenomenal and the simple design works with the wider architecture.

19. Traditional wooden frames

Wooden frames, with a modern sliding mechanism, is the best of every design style.

20. Wood panelling

Gives this window such a pretty, heritage feel.

21. Wooden sliding windows

Tonally matched to the stone façade, these wooden sliding windows are so well camouflaged.

22. Who needs square edges?

When you can have arched windows!

23. White panelled windows

Perfectly combine modern practicality with traditional styling.

24. Arches and panels

Make these windows beautifully unusual.

25. Super slim, tall windows

And a striking corner installation marry with this modern build.

26. Renovation inspiration

We love that the original window sizes and shapes were kept and bolstered with dark wood frames.

27. Deep inset windows

Are amazing and really suit dramatic façades.

28. Huge stained wood frames

The perfect contrast to white render, huge stained wood frames look fabulous.

29. Rustic homes

Never fail to make traditional wood panelled windows look amazing.

The tilting opening mechanism adds a lot of charm.

30. Large black frames

Look so modern and striking!

But on the inside, warm wood complements the interior design.

31. Frosted glass

Isn't only for bathrooms!

32. Natural wood casements

Are the only real choice for a rustic beach home.

For more window inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 24 gorgeous window ideas you'll love looking through.

Which windows did you most enjoy looking through?

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