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East Dulwich home with rustic interior décor

James Rippon James Rippon
East Dulwich - full refurbishment Prestige Build & Management Limited. Classic style garden
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While you might feel like you're tied down to living in a city, you can still easily create a relaxing country charm in your urban abode. What makes a country style interior so appealing? Is it the presence of rustic timber, characterised by imperfections exposing the past? Maybe it's the feeling of soft linens and textured fabrics that create a warm and cosy feel? Or maybe its the smell of an open fire, wrapping yourself up nice and tight on a cold winter night? 

Whatever it might be, a country style interior is suited to rural and city homes alike. Bringing the cosiness of the countryside into their home are the owners of this East Dulwich townhouse, with a full refurbishment, side and rear extension, and a loft space converted into a new bedroom

To see how the feeling of a Somerset cottage has been brought to the suburbs of London, take a tour around this charming project!

The back garden

Although the garden leaves much to be desired, from the rear we can get a feel for how the professionals at Prestige Build & Management chose to blend the new side return and rear extension into the existing vernacular. 

If given just a quick glimpse of the rear, you'd hardly be aware any extension has been built.

Open kitchen

Coming in from the garden, through the new bi-fold doors and into the fresh and enticing kitchen, we now understand why a country style was chosen. 

The delightful floral prints instantly give off a rustic feeling, especially when paired with tones of white, muted greens and polished tiles. Although the timber table doesn't really match the rest of the room, it does not at all look lost or out of place.

Side return extension

Fresh flowers in a country style interior bring to mind rolling green hills, quaint country cottages and blooming flower and herb gardens in spring. 

Here, we get a better understanding of the side return extension that has given the home much more room to play with. Built with a pitched roof, consisting of a few skylights, the natural light and bright whites keep the space feeling breezy and charming.


As we move deeper into the house, we see that lovely tone of pale green continues here on the walls, and beautifully polished floorboards kept warm by soft rugs. Not too polished yet neither too raw, the finish of the floorboards is just right. 

As with any country style interior, textiles of varying compositions can easily bring a certain rustic charisma to your home; evidenced here in the patterned couch and mismatched rugs.

Restored fireplace

The lounge, which faces the street, shows the characteristics of the previous rooms. This time, next to a lovingly restored open fireplace. 

With the view out the bay window the only reminder we're actually in London, you could easily be mistaken  for thinking you're in a home far away from the hustle and bustle.

Master bedroom

The upstairs of the townhouse has not been forgotten, but has rather been given a total facelift as well. 

Soft linens are another essential to bring that country chic into your city home, and this has been perfectly executed in the master bedroom.

New bathroom

Opting to keep that ever-present tone of soft green flowing throughout every room, even the bathroom has adopted this tone. 

The new shower has been made a feature, with that favourite tone seen again on the shower tiles and splashback.

Loft guestroom

A loft conversion is as profitable as any conversion project can be, and if your home has a loft or attic space that isn't being used to its full potential, we highly recommend considering this for your next renovation. 

Often a great place for a media room or a child's bedroom, the owners have saved their new loft as a guestroom to give visitors a comfortable retreat away from the rest of the home.

Want more loft conversion inspiration? Then take a look at this: Affordable London loft conversion.

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