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A 110 m² home every family wants

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Are you considering building a new house? If so, you'll find that your options are growing as building techniques, modern materials, and the integration of technology have well and truly changed the approach to home design and construction. Building firms, architects, and planners alike all need to keep up with the market as these new design elements are in a constant state of change and advancement. You'll soon see for yourself as we take a tour of this newly built suburban home from one of our favourite design firms, Biuro Projektowe. 

Defined by a superlative design and enhanced by its excellent choice of materials and scheme, this breathtaking single-storey residence is a true standout. Beautifully interconnected and oriented to the west and north to capture abundant sunlight, the lucky owners have the unlimited potential to entertain and unwind in a fresh and light-filled setting.

Come and see it all for yourself!

Kerb appeal

Only recently completed, the happy family have just finished unpacking and organising their things after moving in a couple of weeks ago. The new home has so much appeal with its clean and streamline design, which employs a fantastic monochrome scheme.

The form of the building also bares a similar design to a traditional home, with modern finishes enhancing the look of the home. We particularly love the bold, crisp, white render, perfectly contrasted by colour and texture via the charcoal-shaded stacked stone. 

Privacy by nature

Moving around the side of the home, we can see there's been intensive planting in the garden. A combination of hedges and leafy trees will eventually provide a green and natural barrier between the home and the neighbouring properties. Also worthy of note are the concealed rainwater drainpipes, which were utilised to ensure the clean appearance of the building wasn't ruined by unsightly pipes.

Inner light

Palatial proportions and premium finishes are immediately on display as we enter the home. The main hallway leads us past the bedrooms and into the main communal zone, which is comprised of the kitchen to the right-hand side and the formal dining area and living space to the left. 

The modern kitchen

The kitchen work surfaces enclose the user, providing an abundance of space to work with. The kitchen counter is designed as an extension of the dining area and is furnished with bar stools for light snacks and drinks with guests. 

Elsewhere, the smooth white surfaces of the seamless cabinets have been applied with a glossy finish, which does wonders to bounce all the available light throughout the space. Illumination comes naturally through the huge floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, while the inbuilt spotlights and hidden LED lighting along the ceiling allow for diverse lighting effects. 

Timber feature wall

Inside the kitchen area we can see that there is another smaller, casual dining table. When is this table used, your may ask? Well, this table is used every morning at breakfast so that the parents can keep a watchful eye over their children while they prepare their own breakfast. 

The coarse timber backdrop for the dining table is simply perfect when teamed with the smooth white surfaces found elsewhere in the room, while the retro inspired clock brings a third element into play. 

One unified space

Soaring double-height ceilings and an all-white scheme establish a refined elegance through the rest of the communal space. 

The pairing of an industrial inspired dining table with formal upholstery chairs is a stroke of genius. Combining classical and industrial styles can sometimes be a mismatch. However, in this instance it works remarkably well. 

Green living wall

Bringing greenery and life into the hallway is this beautiful vertical garden. 

At this stage the plants are in their infancy, but in no time they will grow to become more lush and some will even flower to bring colour and interest to a space that would usually be bare. 

A salon style bathroom

Our last picture shows the main bathroom, where the timber surfaces catch the eye and, much like in the kitchen, the natural grains create a lovely partnership with the other modern finishes. 

The floral mural at the end of the room brings a neat touch to conclude our tour. 

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Could you picture your family living here?

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