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A dilapidated flat makes a fancy turnaround

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Harnessing whites and lights to your interior designing is probably the closest way to bring heaven to your home. Who doesn't love feeling all feathery light and comfy upon coming home? We know you do so we've taken the time to explore SUPERPOZYCJA ARCHITEKCI's wonderful transformation of a horrible attic into a Scandinavian apartment-haven. Read up below and see why we're crazy about this heavenly makeover. 

Before: Scary attic

Like a scene in the horror film Insidious, this attic with all of its darkness, exposed frameworks, and dust just gives you the goosebumps. Touching anything might even cause every bit of this place to crumble down. 

After: Miraculous transformation

As if heaven came down and took the form of an apartment, this space has now brightened up through the rows of skylights by the ceiling. To complement this, the interiors have adapted a Scandinavian style of using white color with a few hints of blue, grey, and brown spread around. The flooring is a few shades lighter than the wooden posts which likewise add to the design of the place. 

The little things

The remnants of the old apartment have been recycled like the brick wall which only needed a bit of contouring and white painting in order to give a subtle texture along the walls. Noticeably, the wooden beams and posts have also been improved and stained to look fresh and feature the natural beauty of wood itself. The same went for this sleek table top by the dining area. The kitchen just adjoins the latter and it also takes on the minimalist theme.

A standout staircase

A few steps from the kitchen hides the spiral staircase which stands out amongst the white background. This gives the helpful advice of taking a bit of risk and not being afraid to let some elements standout inside the home just like that full-body mirror framed by wood!

Up, up and away

Climbing up the stairs leads to this cool hideout of a bedroom where the restless mind can relax and find a bit of peace. Consistent with the heavenly vibe of the place, this attic-turned-bedroom incorporates a skylight which would show the starry night sky, the clean color palette, and the wooden posts. It also has the most minimal yet statement-making furnishings. If you're interested about harnessing natural light in your own place, check out its 7 benefits.

Vantage point

The bedroom overlooks the living and dining areas. A good view of the place's wooden framework can also been seen from this spot. Check with our amazing line-up of carpenters on how to achieve this foundation.

The unexpected design

A sleek and industrial bathroom attaches with this apartment. It's smooth cement work gives it that sophisticated distinction which is also an interesting break from the rest of the white interior. 

A close inspection of this area reveals the playful mix of textured surfaces such as the brick wall, the wooden sink counter, and the matte finish of the black paint against cement. This interior is like an intricate smokey eye shadow come to life through a bathroom or you can think of it as a hot bachelor's bathroom in his pad. 

Maximized spaces

Although minimalism is the guiding design throughout this apartment, this savvy corner complete with the book shelves, sitting area with a wall-mounted television only show that one can have a functional place and have it look tidy and stylish at the same time. 

This cranny has even been turned into a hip place to sit and literally vandalize the wall with chalk! It's a great place to think and absolutely won't make you feel claustrophobic because of the window behind. Again, this space does not cease to amaze us with this unexpected combination of colors and texture.

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