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22 tricks to make people think you hired an interior decorator (part one)

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Interior designers are so adept at making homes look that little bit more considered and cohesive. However, fear not if you don't think you can stretch to the cost of one as we have some fantastic tips for you today, which will convince everyone you hired one anyway! 

The trick is to include key motifs that professional decorators and home furnishing experts frequently use and we've discovered a whole host of them and put together a two-part article to divulge all the secrets. 

From funky cushions through to bold uses of pattern and materials, come with us now as we show you how to get the designer look in your home for less!

1. Add some scatter cushions

Sloucher sofa Loaf Living roomSofas & armchairs Cotton Green

Sloucher sofa


This might seem like a simple idea but beautiful scatter cushions will instantly lift a living room and ensure all eyes are on your fabulous sofa.

homify hint: Try to choose contrasting colours and bold patterns to get the designer look!

2. Paint a ceiling in a daring colour

Dark ceiling Madame Ant Minimalist walls & floors
Madame Ant

Dark ceiling

Madame Ant

A huge trend right now, painted ceilings are a great way to make people think you hired a designer. 

Be bold with your colour choice as the darker you go, the more expensive and fabulous your room will look. Just check out this black ceiling, if you don't believe us!

3. Add an accent colour with an end table

Larch coffee table with rubber veneered top David Arnold Design Living roomSide tables & trays
David Arnold Design

Larch coffee table with rubber veneered top

David Arnold Design

End tables and coffee tables are so much more than just practical additions to a room, as they can inject a real pop of colour.

In a neutral room, a brightly coloured end table will sneakily add in a funky accent shade that you can support with cushions or even rugs.

4. Make mismatched chairs work

If you like a mismatched, eclectic vibe in your home, you can give it a designer edge by sticking to one fabric type for your seating. 

This room makes the point perfectly because, although they're all different colours and patterns, the sofas and footstool are upholstered in luxurious velvet and look natural together.

5. Choose a patterned sofa and build a room around it

Cumatz Sofa A Rum Fellow Living roomSofas & armchairs
A Rum Fellow

Cumatz Sofa

A Rum Fellow

For a really designer look in your home, we suggest choosing a patterned sofa and then reverse engineering the rest of your room around it.

Pick a key colour on the fabric for your walls and accessorise with the styling in mind for a truly beautiful and cohesive look.

6. Choose side lighting for your bathroom mirror

Instead of having a light above your bathroom mirror, move it to the side for a designer look. 

Not only will it make more of an impact, it will also give you a far more flattering style of illumination as well.

7. Choose tall mantle artwork for a feeling of space

Le Petit Echo de la Mode no.35 (limited edition) by Hormazd Narielwalla King & McGaw Living roomAccessories & decoration
King & McGaw

Le Petit Echo de la Mode no.35 (limited edition) by Hormazd Narielwalla

King & McGaw

Interior designers are geniuses when it comes to making a room feel larger and one way they manage it is to install tall mantle art. 

Stretching up towards the ceiling, it creates an optical illusion of more height and looks absolutely terrific!

8. Create an intriguing gallery wall

A gallery wall will always look as though it's been curated by a designer, but don't feel that you have to stick with matching frames or perfect symmetry. 

If you like things a little less structured, mismatched frames and uneven spacing will look incredibly cool.

9. Or choose one big piece of art

Riad Rug Luku Home Living roomAccessories & decoration
Luku Home

Riad Rug

Luku Home

If a gallery wall would look too busy for your aesthetic, how about selecting one large piece of art for the wall? 

We suggest choosing something that will take up around 2/3 of the space, as this will make a big statement and look as though you had a personal art buyer choose it for you.

10. Choose your wood carefully

You can't go too far wrong when it comes to using wood in your home but, for that interior designer look, you need to opt for rich, expensive tones. 

Walnut and teak are particularly effective (not to mention hardy) so they would make a great investment, especially as a dining table.

11. Try colour-matching

Tropical Night silk bed linen homify BedroomTextiles Silk Purple/Violet

Tropical Night silk bed linen


DIY stores now all have colour-matching technology so you can take a piece of fabric, or even a picture of something you love, and have it scanned to suggest the best match for the paint colour on your walls. 

We love the idea of matching bedroom walls to some favourite bed linen for a dramatic look!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for part two but, in the meantime, check out this Ideabook: Secrets an interior designer won't tell you for free.

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