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Imagine you’re in the market for a brand-new flat. You have your requirements, of course, which include modern style, spacious layouts, a good dose of colour, lots of lighting (both natural and artificial), and a firm commitment to lavish-yet-comfortable- furniture.

Where do you start looking? Well, you could either phone up one of our professional estate agents, or you could scroll ahead and see this delightful modern flat we’ve stumbled across, which is sure to fuel your inspiration for your own (new/existing) home - and comes in at an oh-so reasonable price of only £76k. 

Courtesy of architectural firm Andrea Orioli, this beauty presents a 150 m² layout that has all the delightful touches we mentioned earlier, and then some. 

Care to take a look?

The stylish living room

The flat presents a living room, dining area and kitchen sharing an open-plan layout, ensuring a most comfortable and practical area for socialising and entertaining. 

Thanks to superb touches like dark wooden floors, hues ranging from deep emerald green to snow white for the walls, and elegant furniture, the interiors are the perfect combination of sleek style and comfy charm.

Unique touches

They say it’s the small things in life that count; well, this flat shows us what a big impact the tiniest little details can have on a space. 

Case in point, this ceiling light that showcases an exceptional little layout with its string. This beautifully enhances the linear design that prevails among the furniture and décor pieces. A simple touch, yet so effective!

The kitchen

Due to the kitchen sharing its space with two other rooms, a change of wall colour announces the start of the culinary area. This makes the stark-white cabinetry and appliances (and ceiling and bar stools) stand out that much more, adding to the fresh and clean ambience of the space. 

Can’t you just see yourself babbling away while serving your guests some more wine at that timber-clad island?

The bathroom

The bathroom opted for a simple (yet well-organised) layout, as well as a timeless monochrome colour scheme. And even though this space might be a tad on the small side, its visual dimensions are amplified thanks to the majestic wall mirror. 

Our designers have definitely committed to optimum artificial lighting (notice the downlighters in the ceiling), yet we must admit that the strong glow of daylight pouring in through the window lends an otherworldly feel to the bathroom, subtly illuminating those dark flooring surfaces. 

What a contrast!

The main bedroom

This bedroom certainly knows the secret to grabbing attention the stylish way: choose an eye-catching colour for both your focal wall and bed linen. 

A satisfying combination of blues (from cerulean and cobalt to baby-blue and lapis) adorns these surfaces fantastically, lending a cool look to the room which is part elegant, part casual (must be the circular patterns of the bedspread).

The en suite bathroom

And what would a master suite be without its own bathroom? This one decided for a more ‘blocked’ look in terms of pattern, relying on delicate mosaic tiles to adorn the shower space – in a dark and daring charcoal grey which offsets marvellously with the rest of the bathroom’s creamy hues. 

And we are very pleased to see that bathroom storage has been taken care of via the wall shelves on the side, meaning no cluttered look for this delightful space.

The home gym

And would you believe that they managed to squeeze in a home gym in the 150 m² floor plan? 

Although it doesn’t have its own jogging track, this space (decked out in a classic white-on-black look) does present adequate legroom and equipment to keep those fitness levels at a worthy level. 

Let’s see some more ideas for your very own: Home exercise room.

So, would you consider living here?

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