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​This old home is miraculously renovated in 7 days!

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Every so often, we encounter a space (whether it’s a single room or an entire house/flat) which seems dark, gloomy, worn-out and just completely hopeless. Yet, in 99% of these cases, the situation is rescued by some expert professionals (such as architects or interior designers) who have a firm grasp on modern style and elegant solutions. 

Such was the case with today’s ‘before and after’ piece: a 30 m² flat that was becoming a down-in-the-dumps space – that is, until the new owner decided to treat it to fabulous renovation within a week.

Let’s see what transpired…

Before: The old kitchen

We start off in the open-plan room which houses the living room and kitchen, and clearly this space was way past its golden days. 

That laminate flooring was not quite what it was supposed to be (beautiful or stylish), while the walls were definitely craving a coat of paint.

Let's see how the experts breathed new life into this particular room…

After: The new kitchen

After the renovation, the new kitchen flaunts a look with a far more modern, fresh and appealing design, corresponding with the gleaming white kitchen cabinetry and patterned backsplash. 

And did you notice that it now presents so much more storage space for a myriad of kitchen goodies? 

What would you add to that wonderful focal wall coated in a warm brick hue? Some floating shelves? Decorative wall art?

Before: The old living room

Now for a look at what the other side of this open-plan room used to look like…  

Despite the large glass doors, light seemed to be struggling in finding its way inside, resulting in a quite gloomy and sad living space. The wallpaper also desperately required a new look and, in all honesty, the timber flooring wasn’t floating our boat either.

After: The new living room

Ta-da! Now the living room is coated in a glowing white, thanks to the natural light pouring indoors through the new glass panes and bouncing pleasingly around the snow-white wall- and ceiling surfaces. 

And it’s clear that some much more modern lighting fixtures were also added in here, which definitely enhances the entire look and brightness of the space. 

And we just love, love, love the new hues of the wooden floor, stylishly complementing the light neutral colour palette.

Before: The old bathroom

There was very little space for a bathroom, yet it is one of the non-negotiable rooms in any home. 

Thus, we were not surprised to discover just how gloomy the old one was, even though it presented all the necessary features (albeit in a look that went out of style sometime last century).

After: The new bathroom

Fortunately, our designers poured some extra creativity into the bathroom’s new look, believing it required a healthy dose of elegance. 

As we can see, the old tiling and fittings were replaced by more contemporary ones, making for a huge improvement in terms of style and beauty. New downlighters have also been incorporated into the ceiling, adding just the right amount of sparkle to the space. 

And just see how wonderfully the varied floor- and wall tiles add decorative detail and character to the room.

Before: A closed balcony

During its previous life, this flat used the closed-in balcony for a storage room and laundry area. What a sad death for any balcony or exterior space! 

But luckily, the experts in charge here seized control and did something about it…

After: The new, open balcony

Yes and yes again! The closed-off space was utterly transformed by replacing the one wall with a huge glass door that slides open to allow fresh air and sunlight inside. 

The floor also got treated to a new look, with larger tiles in a dark-grey hue adding some detail and style to the new balcony space. We love it! 

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What do you think of this modern makeover?

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