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22 tricks to make people think you hired an interior decorator (part two)

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Don't worry if you missed part one of this guide to tricking people into thinking that you hired an interior designer, as there's a link to it at the bottom of this instalment. You really don't want to miss any of our tips! 

It's no secret that professionals know how to make the most of your home, but we think that with a few pointers, you can get the look for less. 

Read on if you're keen to upgrade your home interior as we have everything you need…

12. Hang curtains at the right height

Interior designers tend to hang curtains up to 12 inches higher than a window frame because this gives the illusion of extra height. 

Add heavy drapes and the look will be fantastically high-end!

13. Have three layers of lighting in every room

Whether it's in your kitchen or your bedroom, you need to layer your lighting to capture the interior designer look.

Professionals suggest three forms of lighting for every space, which includes a main light, task lighting and extra ambient items, such as table lamps. 

14. Leave a few inches between furniture items

Shoreditch Apartment 2 YAM Studios Modern living room
YAM Studios

Shoreditch Apartment 2

YAM Studios

Designers are always careful to leave a few inches between furniture items to allow for easy movement around a room, so you should do the same! 

You don't need a tape measure. Just walk around your rooms to ensure nothing is in your way and you'll be able to gauge what you need to move.

15. Hang wall art at eye-level

Left to our own devices, we have a tendency to hang wall art at the wrong height, so a good rule of thumb is to keep it all at eye-level. 

This allows you to enjoy the piece whilst also helping keep walls looking taller than they actually are.

16. Measure your rooms properly before buying a rug

Measure, measure and measure again, because nothing makes a room look disjointed quite like the wrong sized rug.

You want something that's proportional to the rest of the floor and still offers a burst of colour and style. Avoid tiny floating varieties that will get lost, or a huge, overbearing version.

17. Keep the light flowing with sheer curtains

If you have a darker home, you should make the most of every bit of natural light that it can draw in, so sheer curtains are a fantastic idea.

Keep them in-keeping with your wider colour scheme and don't forget to draw them in the morning!

18. Play with patterns (but stick to a colour scheme)

Room Seven Wallpaper ref 2000145 Paper Moon Walls & flooringWallpaper
Paper Moon

Room Seven Wallpaper ref 2000145

Paper Moon

Pattern clashing is a hot topic in the interior design world at the moment so, if you love bold patterns, by all means experiment with them in your home. 

homify hint: You can play it safe if you choose one colour scheme but a variety of patterns—the look will be cohesive yet fun!

19. Paint the back of your front door

So many people forget to do this, but it makes a big difference to a hallway.

While we love this classic white example, if you want to stretch your creative muscles and capture the interior designer look, consider something a little brighter and bolder!

20. Create perfect 'shelfie' opportunities

Cosmo Industrial Shelf Unit Industasia Living roomShelves

Cosmo Industrial Shelf Unit


'Shelfies' are big news, with lots of interior designers crafting stunning photo opportunities to splash all over their social media channels. The good news? You can do the same! 

All you need to do is curate your open shelving to look like a flat-lay photograph of all your most treasured possessions and… bingo. A look that an interior designer would be proud of.

21. Layer your vases

Ceramic Cactus Vases rigby & mac HouseholdAccessories & decoration
rigby & mac

Ceramic Cactus Vases

rigby & mac

Why have one vase when you can have a host of them in different sizes and styles? 

This approach will ensure all eyes stay on the area. Interior designers frequently group vases and house plants together, leaving some empty and others filled, to create an engaging and interesting display.

22. Add a little faux fur for a Hyyge touch

You can't have escaped the fact that Hygge is huge right now. However, if you don't fancy changing up your entire home just to be on trend, a simple faux fur rug will do the job for you. 

Cosy, luxurious and stylish, if they're good enough for interior designers, they're good enough for us!

To catch up on part one of this guide, take a look at: 22 tricks to make people think you hired an interior decorator (part one).

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