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False ceilings: 10 amazing designs!

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False ceilings are becoming increasingly popular in home design, as they offer fantastic opportunities for creating striking lighting displays. 

Interior designers have been quick to react to this trend and have been busy creating some of the most beautiful and eye-catching designs possible, so we want to show you a selection today. Don't worry that a false ceiling will shrink the proportions of your room, as the way they're executed actually makes everywhere look bigger! 

A fantastic optical illusion, super stylish and oh so trendy, join us as we explore the exciting world of false ceilings.

1. Added fancy design

As well as false ceilings becoming a trend, fancy painted ones are also gaining a lot of popularity, so we think this combination of the two is a real crowd-pleaser. 

The fresco designs look amazing!

2. A false perimeter

What we love about this false ceiling design is the way it frames the living room. Offering an easy way to light the far edges, this design is also practical in terms of lighting the staircase perfectly. 

3. Corner perfection

This false ceiling has lead to the creation of a charming little bookshelf nook that's lit to perfection. That's the joy of these designs; no more dark, unusable corners!

4. Technology integration

When you have air conditioning and lighting technology to integrate in your home, a false ceiling will give you bags of space to hide all the cables and unsightly elements in.

5. Added drama

Now this is a false ceiling and a half! 

A chunky segment that looks to be suspended has added a wealth of lighting and drama to an otherwise pared back hallway, giving a real high-end look.

6. Integrated room divide

What a great way to denote different functional areas in an open-plan home. 

Having false ceilings in the main areas and subtle inset lines between them carves up the space without the need for walls or screens.

7. Staggered levels

Rooms that have no texture or different levels can look a little plain, but that won't ever be a concern with a false ceiling. A great way to add some dynamic design, they really add something special.

8. Simple and sweet

This false ceiling design is a little more subtle because it's allowed for a modern lighting inset, but not much more. Providing an indented frame for the spectacular pendulum lights, simple can be better!

9. With natural materials

Why take the time to add a false ceiling to your home if you aren't willing to think about how you can jazz it up with some funky materials?

The wood accents here tie in with the rest of the interior design, looking effortlessly unique.

10. Industrial flair

We love this false ceiling design, which sees individual segments suspended from the real structural ceiling. Giving just a sneak peek at the industrial conduit underneath, there's something really futuristic about the look.

For more ceiling inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 13 lighting ideas for a unique ceiling.

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