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How can I make my narrow hallway feel less claustrophobic?

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We all know the importance of hallways, seeing as they connect the various rooms in a house. And sometimes, when they’re spacious enough, they even provide additional space to put down a few furniture items, like a stylish chair or a storage bench. However, in most cases, a hallway tends to be quite narrow and doesn’t really provide an opportunity to play interior designer.

Or does it? Just because that space isn’t as big as you’d want it to be doesn’t mean it can’t still be treated to some stylish touches. Rather see it as an interesting challenge. 

So, what are our options? Narrow space be damned, we say! Accentuate your hallway. Call attention to it. Make it special and beautiful by highlighting its ends, not its sides!

Here’s how…

1. Bring in some eye-catching texture

Opt for a unique wall finish on the one side wall (only the one) that runs the entire length of the hallway. This will add some character and striking style to the narrow space while accentuating its length rather than its width. 

Your choice of material can be anything from exposed brick and raw stone to timber panels – whatever floats your boat and goes with your interior style.

2. Paint it

Paint that end wall a contrasting accent colour so that it provides a visual stopping point. 

Standing at the start of the hall will provide you with a focal point at the end of it, allowing you to completely ignore those narrow side walls.

3. Hang some artwork

A few graphic prints, some beautiful artwork, or even a framed gallery of friends and family (and pets) against that end wall can also make a stylish statement and direct your attention towards it.

4. Focus on the floor

Franklin Carmine Hall Runner Roger Oates Design Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Roger Oates Design

Franklin Carmine Hall Runner

Roger Oates Design

Lay a long runner on the floor that draws your eye towards the end. 

Plus, taking on that narrow hall won’t seem nearly as claustrophobic if it has a soft and comfy (and even colourful and patterned) underfoot sensation.

5. Reflect the space

Hang up a mirror at the end to visually extend your hallway. This could also help with reflecting some light to brighten up the space.

6. Style up the ceiling

Don’t forget the ceiling. 

You can paint it or do some kind of treatment that works like the long runner you’re adding to the space, only this will draw the eye upwards towards the end.

All the bonus points if you can manage to install a skylight!

7. Light it right

Repeat a special light fixture that progresses down the hall, lighting up the narrow space and also drawing you towards the end. But if you plan on installing two or three chandeliers, just take in mind the height of the ceiling. Perhaps some modern downlighters or short pendants might be better options.

Whichever options you go for, focus your designs on the end of the hallway by creating interest there, rather than on the side walls, which could very well close up the space even more. 

For more inspiration, check out these: 12 hallways to make you say “Why didn't I think of that?!”.

Which ideas will you use to enhance your hallway?

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