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13 practical solutions youll find useful in the kitchen

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Adding extra levels of functionality and practicality to a kitchen can make all the difference in a busy family home. 

While kitchen planners are great at managing to include innovative touches at the time of a new installation, what about when you have a kitchen but simply want to improve its usability? Well, we have some seriously cool ways to add new levels of practicality to your space that won't require a new kitchen.

Scroll down and allow us to tell you all about them!

1. Beautiful indulgences

We all find ourselves buying fun accessories for our kitchens—from sushi making tools through to nutcrackers—but it's time to indulge in some pretty versions.

Keep them out on your countertop to impress guests and offer easy usage. Go on, treat yourself! You deserve things that are pretty and functional.

2. Hidden drawers

From the front, this drawer installation will simply look like another cabinet. 

However, open the door and you find amazing deep drawers that all open independently, offering easy access to all of your food items and allowing easy auditing for shopping lists!

3. Integrated seating solutions

If you want to include somewhere to sit in your kitchen, we can't recommend this tip highly enough. 

Adding an extra section to an existing island will give you so much more dining potential, without taking up much extra space. Choose seating that can be pushed right under the counter and it will be a seamless addition.

4. Handy spice racks

Is it just us, or do you always struggle to find the spices and herbs you need? The jars are smaller than other foods, so they tend to hide away in small spaces, making you have to hunt for them and thereby wasting precious time.

Add a wall-mounted spice rack and keep everything in it you use regularly for hassle-free access.

5. Skinny breakfast bars

When you want a breakfast bar but you don't have a huge amount of space to play with, a slim version will be perfect. 

You can easily mount them to a wall and, by choosing width over depth, you can create a lovely and easy to use café style installation, which will still leave your kitchen feeling spacious.

6. Integrated drainers

Draining boards take up so much room and if you generally prefer to use a dishwasher (rather than washing by hand), a small inset drainer could be ideal for you.

Big enough for some cutlery, a couple of utensils and a few plates, this is a great way to clean plates without running a half load in your dishwasher.

7. Folding cabinet doors

Top cabinets are so handy, but there's always a small risk you could smack yourself in the face with the doors. However, not if you choose a folding version! 

Offering a long, sleek line of modern cabinets, we love how this folding door is so space-savvy.

8. Simple open shelves

Adding practicality to your kitchen can be as simple as popping a few extra open shelves up on the wall. Call us traditional, but we think they also look fab! 

The perfect spot for keeping all those day-to-day condiments you have to hunt for, open shelves are one of the most practical additions you can choose.

9. Make baking easier

Sprinkles, baking powder and other fancy cake additions are a lot of fun, but not for your kitchen cupboards. The small packaging means they're easily lost and take up a lot of room.

The solution? A baking supplies caddy! Keep everything together and then simply pop it out when you're baking… et voila.

10. Extra long islands

You might be wrinkling your brow at this idea because you have a small kitchen, but bear with us. 

Making your island extra long will not only give you a huge amount of extra worktop space and the potential for integrated appliances, it will also create the illusion of a longer room.

Trust us, a long but lean island is better than a short, wide one.

11. Choose custom

If you want to invest in some seriously practical upgrades, we recommend bespoke kitchen drawers. 

You can have them made with integral dividers that cater to the cutlery you already have and a double drawer design (as seen here) doubles the storage capacity!

12. Add a little magnetism

Throwing your knives in the cutlery drawer can actually lead to the blades becoming blunt more quickly, so attach a magnetic strip to your splashback and stick them to the wall instead. 

Choose pretty, colourful knives to heighten the impact!

13. Add a little colour

When you want to denote where certain things live in your kitchen,  a little colour doesn't hurt. 

Who can't remember that lemonade glasses go in the yellow cabinet and red wine glasses go in the maroon cupboard? Simple, effective and fantastically stylish!

For extra kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 12 kitchen counters that are ideal for small homes.

Which of these ideas are you considering trying?

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