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The World's Best Shipping Container Home

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Grillagh Water Patrick Bradley Architects Country style garden
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While one of America's founding fathers Thomas Jefferson once famously (and controversially) quoted “All men are created equal”, we cannot say the same thing when it comes to home building. Each newly built home reflects the different tastes, styles and budgets of those who are building them and should be a reflection of their personality.

Grillagh Water is a forward-thinking, newly built home from Patrick Bradley Architects, situated in the scenic countryside of Northern Ireland. The project derives its name from the nearby Grillagh River, in which the new design aims to take in the view of the water, the rolling hills that surround the property and the mountains in the distance.

Unless you were informed you would be totally unaware the contemporary home is built of four shipping containers, displacing any myths that a modern and luxurious home cannot be built on a budget. To gain a further insight into the first rural home in Northern Ireland built from shipping containers, let us take you on the full tour…

Intriguing design

The completely bespoke home has been dressed up on the exterior with rusted Corten steel and dark grey expanded metal, built with a concept based on the simple forms and materials of agricultural sheds that are found throughout the countryside. In doing so, the home is better connected to its rural location, only enhanced by the natural palette of the finishings.

Corten steel

Although when rusted Corten steel may appear to have lost some of its durability, the advantage of using this material is the benefit of achieving a naturally-aged and weathered look without compromising on strength.

The cantilevered and sculptural forms of this innovative and shrewd project aims to change people's perceptions of rural architecture and how exceptional design can raise the spirits of those occupying the home.


The designer's aim was to create a building that is modern and bold yet camouflaged and unobtrusive to the beautiful landscape that envelops the house. No mean feat but a delicate task that has been pulled off to great effect.

Panoramic views

The panoramic views afforded to the slightly elevated site have been taken into consideration for all corners of the home, forever inviting the view inside and aiming to allow the occupants to better connect with nature.

Low cost, low maintenance

The astute thought process gone into this wonderful project means this shipping container home was not only built with budget in mind but is also a home that has low running costs and is very low maintenance.

Over time the corrosion resistant Corten steel of the lower level develops the copper-coloured outer layer patina, which protects the steel from further corrosion and gives a visual effect of ageing.

Equally as impressive interior

The interior is equally as impressive, giving no clue that the structure is built from four shipping containers. Not only are they cheap to build a home from, they are infinitely customisable and can be cut and placed however you desire. Much like Lego, you are only limited by your imagination.

An exterior as modern as this would not be complete with an interior that is not equally as stunning and, as you can see, the designers have stepped up to the plate.

Hammock bathtub

Hiding in the bathroom is another element adding to the modernity of the entire project: this hammock bathtub. The ultimate in luxurious bathrooms, we are sure to see more and more of these eccentric bathroom additions in the future.

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