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A low-cost prefabricated family home

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You might be shaking your head, thinking that there is no possible way today’s homify 360° discovery could come in under £18k – but it did. Of course the price does not cover the plot of land, but only the physical residential structure. But regardless, this charming abode is still a steal! 

Created by Turkish home-builder company Tuna Prefabrik, the idea behind this structure was to offer maximum space and functionality for minimal cost. This was achieved by clever techniques and creative thinking, which we will reveal right now…

The front view

The front façade makes the house look like a charming and very traditionally styled home – not at all what we would expect for such a low price. The secret, however, is that this is actually a prefabricated structure, with the large panels being designed and manufactured off site before transported to the desired location. 

Not only does this make a huge dent in building costs, but construction time is also shortened considerably.

The house plans

Judging by the architectural drawings, this house seems like the perfect little starter home for a young couple or small family. It offers two bedrooms, the benefit of a downstairs water closet, a main bathroom on the top-floor, and an open-plan living space on the ground-level. 

Socialisation was not the only reason for the open-plan; due to the house’s rather modest size, internal walls would only have decreased the size even more (not to mention upped the price), which is why only the essential interior walls remained in the final design.

Social spaces

But just because a few walls were excluded does not mean this house is an unsociable character. Those integrated terraces on both floors add such a stunning potential in terms of entertaining and luxury, not to mention furniture- and décor items. 

The first-floor installation flaunts a look that is almost industrial, which also could have helped to keep materials costs down; however, the ground-floor looks much more homey and traditional, with the steel fence adding a touch of modern style to the scene.

Garden touches

Even though the pleasant garden surrounding the house isn’t part and parcel of the design, we still think these homeowners (whether or not they made use of professional gardeners and landscape architects) did a fine job in securing a fresh and lush exterior space. 

Look at the clever touches of potted plants spilling over onto the terraces and peeking out from behind corners. So simple, yet so stylish!

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What do YOU think about this house and its low price?

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