What kind of wall and garden fencing options are there?

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BAIRES GREEN Classic style garden
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Walls and garden fencing are vital for securing your outdoor privacy, but let's not forget they have an aesthetic role to play as well.

If you've hired a landscape architect to transform your garden, the last thing you want to do is undermine all their hard work by choosing uninspiring privacy options, so we're here to prevent that from happening.

From wonderful wooden designs through to bold and colourful walls, we have some great suggestions for you, so let's see which ones you like!

1. Whitewashed wood

For sharp style and a fresh look, paint your wooden garden fencing white.

2. Keep it simple

In terms or organic beauty, natural wood is hard to beat.

3. Use the trunks

For a sturdier style of fencing, why not use whole logs?

4. Barely-there metal

To divide your garden areas, skinny metal fencing offers safety and style.

5. Concrete with something extra

Chunky concrete walls are great for privacy, but add a textural design and they'll also look great.

6. Skinny and enclosed

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden homify Modern garden

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden


The skinny wood here is the perfect choice for a small courtyard garden which needs a little extra light.

7. Gorgeous gabions

Strong, industrial and striking, gabion walls are perfect when you want to make a statement in your garden.

8. Rich stains

Reflected Glory - Holland Park Renovation Tyler Mandic Ltd Modern garden
Tyler Mandic Ltd

Reflected Glory—Holland Park Renovation

Tyler Mandic Ltd

Vibrant stain colours add life to a small garden.

9. Concrete and wood

When you want a solid barrier (as well as a softer touch) add wooden panels to an existing wall. You can even train climbers over them.

10. Fabulous flints

If the gabion idea appealed but you like your garden additions more delicate, how about filling your gabions with flint shards instead of boulders?

11. Natural beauty

Organic, chunky stone walls are far too gorgeous to cover up so, if you have some, put them to good use or have some built using local stone.

12. Carved wood

What a beautiful way to add some unique style to your security fencing. Passers-by would have to take a second look!

13. Inset wooden design

These wooden fence panels are lovely, thanks to a contrasting black inset style.

14. Metal means business

Secure, stylish and sleek, metal fencing built into a concrete wall isn't to be messed with!

15. Breathtaking bamboo

A softer, more organic approach can be good in the garden, so bamboo fencing is a great choice.

16. Pretty and plastic

This fence looks traditional but has the added benefit of being made from PVC, thus meaning it's long-lasting and easy to clean.

17. Trendy trellis

Trellis panels offer the best of both beautiful design and garden privacy.

18. The fairy tale option

White picket fences are a classic for good reason. They're so sweet and radiate charming nostalgia.

19. Bolster the look

If you want a little extra oopmh, consider mounting your picket fencing on a small brick base. 

20. Long and luxurious

A contemporary garden will be finished to perfection with long, horizontal wooden strip fencing.

21. Curved cosiness

For a more exotic garden security option, use large blocks to create sumptuous curves and impenetrable height.

22. Combine a few ideas

If you feel spoilt for choice with your fencing, try using a few different styles to create something unique.

23. Colourful walls

What a great way to make an existing solid wall a lot more interesting!

24. Brick and wood

Private House - Holland Park New Images Architects Modern garden
New Images Architects

Private House—Holland Park

New Images Architects

The tones of red bricks and rich wood work so well together, blending modern and traditional styling.

25. Spectacularly shiny

A very modern trend, stainless steel garden fences are a bold statement and definitely inject style into a garden, while also keeping unwanted visitors out.

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: These 10 patio ideas are perfect for a simple house.

Which of these styles appealed to you most?

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