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Top 5 Projects of the Week: A Victorian Townhouse With Va Va Voom to Hiding Ugly Radiators

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Welcome once again to our weekly reflection on the week's best projects on homify. Whether beautiful, creative, artistic or just plain practical, we show no bias and bring you only the five most read articles from the last seven days.

Our Top 5 this week begins with a Victorian townhouse in London that received a wonderful extension, and consequently went up in value, aesthetic appeal and desirability. In a particularly eclectic week we also take a look at ways in which you can hide ugly radiators and even find time to swing by the Californian desert to take in the awesome views of Lucid Stead.

But enough of the chit chat, let's take a look!

1. A Victorian Townhouse With Va Va Voom

Attracting most clicks this week was this home, which was improved and extended under the guidance of Stagg Architects, who did an amazing job of blending the old of the original Victorian property, with the new of the extension.

Tasked with designing a ground-level extension, the architects saw fit to instigate some serious internal improvements too. Designed to combat a damp problem, the internal works also called for a total rewiring, extensive plumbing upgrades and an overhaul of the heating system. Not a small list of jobs by any means! 

2. This is how you hide ugly radiators

Next up is this feature on how you can disguise those ugly radiators in your home. Not usually a beautiful style statement, radiators, especially dated incarnations, can be a blight on an otherwise beautiful and well put together space, so what can you do about them? We offered a look at some great solutions, which included covering them (as pictured), screening or giving them a facelift with a lick of paint. 

3. Suburban Home with a Twist

Third on our list this week is this simply stunning home. Relatively modest and unassuming from the street the real treats await once you step inside the house and see what's awaiting at the rear.

The early 1900s building, located in central Lisbon, had been left derelict for many years after becoming disused in the latter half of the century. The years of neglect had left the building crumbling on the inside, with much of the period details unfortunately beyond repair. Despite this, the new owners of the property were charmed by the building’s historic charm and saw great potential in the future of the structures, and thus began their project of restoration and modernisation. The results, as many of you agreed, are something very special.

4. A Mirror House From Another Dimension

As much as we love touring exquisite homes offering you practical home related advice, it's also great to sometimes offer you something a little different. Therefore step forward Lucid Stead. An amazing project presented by Royal Projects: Contemporary ArtLucid Stead, appears to blur the lines between architecture and art.

It all began when artist Phillip K Smith III stumbled upon an abandoned shack in the middle of the California High Desert. He immediately thought the abandoned, then run-down wooden shack would be perfect for his next work. The artist repaired the old shack to its original condition but with some very distinct changes that will alter the way one perceives and thinks about the structure. Beautiful by day it's even more spectacular at night so go and check out the photographs for yourself!

5. An Award Winning British Family Home

Completing our Top 5 this week is this award winning home in Cheshire. Knutsford House is presented by the internationally recognised architecture firm Nicolas Tye Architects. Boasting a diverse residential portfolio, the firm strives to create extraordinary buildings for their clients. Crucial to their success has been the firm’s innovative design philosophy that aims to ensure excitement and enjoyment from their buildings. Knutsford House is definitely not exempt from this approach. 

Situated amongst a mature landscape site in Cheshire is where you’ll find this beautiful new build. The home appears as a bold symmetrical mass and is wrapped in beautiful Western Red Cedar timber that resonates within the landscape. The interiors are defined by their generous proportions and an undoubted sense of timeless elegance.

As always, we hope you’ve enjoyed this look back at this week’s most popular homify features and to see you again, same time next week!

What was your favourite project this week? Let us know!

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