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7 handy hints to improve your living space

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Without doubt, the centre of a home is its living space—a place to relax, unwind, take a load off, and bask in a few moments of uninterrupted serenity. Our living spaces are changeable and varied, often they are large open plan family rooms, maybe colossal with uninterrupted space and movement. Or perhaps the living space is cosy corner in your house, away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen? Either way, a living room is a place of rejuvenation, and often due to its popularity, a place which receives some of the highest volume of foot traffic within the home. 

For full enjoyment of our dwellings, we must take care of our living spaces, and ensure they are nourishing yet comfortable spaces. homify is here to help—check out the following brilliant and super straightforward examples to ensure your home is aesthetically elegant, well-designed, and most of all enjoyable.

Privacy is important

London Townhouse Project QMotion Classic style living room

London Townhouse Project


Looking to improve your space, the relaxing quality of your home, and the general ambience of your living area? Curtains are the solution—these wonderfully versatile lengths of fabric superbly cover your windows and allow a sense of cosiness and privacy when and if you need it. Without curtains, rooms are bare and open. Ensure you dress your windows effectively and stylishly to guarantee your space is homely, warm and liveable.

Keep it minimal

Midcentury Modern TV Stand / Credenza in ash Biggs & Quail Living roomTV stands & cabinets
Biggs & Quail

Midcentury Modern TV Stand / Credenza in ash

Biggs & Quail

Often when we talk about improving a space, renovating a room, or upgrading an area, the central theme is generally about what can be added to enhance the place. We often give little regard to what should be removed or eradicated, as opposed to what we can include. There is beauty in minimalism, just as there is comfort in a room overflowing with decoration, however, to minimise one’s belongings can greatly declutter and enhance a living space. Think about getting rid of those unnecessary accessories and accoutrements, and instead investing in solid, alluring and attractive pieces of furniture that work singularly or with few other items. This example is a wonderful illustration of how minimalist décor can be striking, charming and eye-catching.

Inject a little nature

A touch of nature can improve an indoor living space tenfold. Try incorporating some fresh spring blooms, or a little foliage to create a sense of life and energy within your domestic space. There are plenty of options available depending on your interior scheme, from bonsai, cacti, ferns and miniature palms, there is sure to be something to suit your aesthetic. If in doubt, or if you are unable to look after a long lasting plant, head to your local florist, pick up a bunch of fresh and colourful flowers, which will infuse some vivacity and class into your space.

Create some mood lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements to consider when decorating your living room. If you want to instantly and effectively improve the ambience and character of a space, take a look at your light source. Now, many of us are unable to easily alter our home lighting, perhaps we are renting a property, or simply don’t have the expertise or time to change the fittings. There is an easy solution to this, lamps and candles. Candles have an unbelievably wonderful way to immediately improving their surrounding ambience. They create a sense of warmth, romance, and their subtle illumination is excellent for relaxing, entertaining or creating a tranquil environment. If you aren’t fond of candles, try a lamp with a low wattage, or frosted globe. Place your lamp in the corner of a room, dimmed, and watch the space transform.

Make it comfortable with plush textiles

A comfy room is a relaxing room—improve your living space with the use of plush and lavish textiles to create a space that oozes comfort, cosiness and opulence. Take a look at this example, it is wonderfully abundant in velvet, satin and chiffon. The space is subtly illuminated, and all of the soft furnishings ensure you will want to get snug, and enjoy a peaceful and sumptuous night indoors.

A rug can make all the difference

Deirdre Dyson PSYCHE hand knotted wool and silk rug Deirdre Dyson Carpets Ltd Modern living room
Deirdre Dyson Carpets Ltd

Deirdre Dyson PSYCHE hand knotted wool and silk rug

Deirdre Dyson Carpets Ltd

Rugs really tie the room together, from the smallest bathroom runner, to a large rectangular mat, a rug is the centre of a space, ensuring the area is cohesive and unified. Think outside the box when choosing a rug, and look for something exciting. This example illustrates a wonderful circular rug that works effortlessly in bringing together the décor and design of the corresponding furniture and accessories.

Pump up the jam!

Restored 1960s Vintage Regentone Portable Record Player Retro Bazaar Ltd Eclectic style living room
Retro Bazaar Ltd

Restored 1960s Vintage Regentone Portable Record Player

Retro Bazaar Ltd

In this day and age of personal electronic media, we often forget to take out the earphones, remove the headphones and play some tunes throughout our house. An instant way to improve the ambience, aura and general atmosphere of your living space is with music. Invest in some speakers, some CD’s, MP3’s, or a record player, and let some refrains resonate throughout your domestic space, while noticing your mood (and home) brighten and enliven.

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