The essentials for hosting a housewarming party to remember

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Did you just buy or move to a new house? Then you must be head over heels with the new time in your life and wish to share it with your world. What better way than throwing a house warming party?

The social gathering, of course, will take some organising. There are many factors that must be evaluated. Who should come? What will the guests eat and drink? How much will it cost? Who will clean the aftermath? But don’t be overwhelmed by the difficulties of your house warming party because we are here to help make it the best it can be! After all, it is through these social gatherings that we bond and connect over experiences with our friends, old and new.

Let’s see our guide to the most amazing house warming party!

Scheduling, guestlist & invitations

First things first, you will need to sit down and set a date for the party. Considering that most people have free time on weekends, scheduling the party during those dates would be ideal. Make a list of who you want to invite, friends, family and co-workers. Unfortunately, the guest list will always be limited by space and money. 

For example, a list containing 300 people for a house that can entertain 60 will most likely need some names scratched off. Perhaps, you can hold two or three parties on separate dates if you wish to invite everyone. But that would require some serious budget and as limited your budget is, so too will be the guest list.

Finally, when you have decided on the number of people that will attend your party sent out invitations. Make sure to sent them well before the party date and ask people to confirm their participation so you can plan for food and drinks. If some from the initial list cannot come you can replace them with those that didn't made the original cut.

Making arrangements

It is important to make a few arrangements prior to the party. Since you have just moved in, it is possible that there are a few boxes unpacked scattered in the house. Make sure to either unpack them or move them out of sight so the house is ready to be seen.

When having a party, people tend to snoop around. After all, isn’t that the main reason you are having the gathering? Whether it is the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen or any other room, you need to have it cleaned up and uncluttered.

And, since any good party needs good lighting, make some arrangements accordingly. If you have a balcony or a garden, some hanging bulbs will be an excellent addition, or perhaps you are an electronic fiend and wish to include a laser show. Whatever your taste, good lighting is essential! 

Party proofing

Now that you have sent the invitations and made the necessary arrangements, it is time to make the house party proof. Make sure to stash any breakable, expensive or irreplaceable artefacts. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the Old World wall clock, a gift from your late great grandfather, met its demise by an accidental slip?

Hence, it will be a good idea if you set a room as off limits in which all the valuables will be stored. You can also designate different uses for spaces in the house. Open up space in one room to transform it into a dance floor, and set sitting arrangements in another. Designate garbage disposal spots, as many as you can!

And if possible find a couple of good friends that can help you clean-up the aftermath of the party. But, perhaps, the best way to make your house party proof is by simply avoiding to invite people that can cause you a headache. 


What is a party without a few decorative touches? Given the fact you are new in the house, perhaps the walls are still naked and the coffee tables lonely. It will make a great difference if you hanged a painting on the wall or lit a few candles on the tables.

Of course, depending on the intensity of the party, the decor will fluctuate from party hats to extravagant creations. If there is a great number of children attending the party, you might need to consider removing any breakable decorations from their reach. It wouldn’t be difficult, just raise them above their heads!

And if you are going for extravagant, make sure your guests will not end up hurt. Even if you make them sign forms absolving you from responsibility, we highly doubt it will fly in court! In a house warming party decor is about practicality.

Organise food and drinks

For the fun part of the party you will need to organize food and beverages. Most house warming gatherings include finger foods as they allow people to eat while bonding, dancing or discovering the house. When preparing food for your party, always have in mind the amount of people attending, the time it is set and your budget. 

When you have a large number of guests coming, then it will be better to have a buffet with small bites. If the party is on a hour people will expect food, then you should provide accordingly. Easy party foods can be sandwiches, chips and dips, savory snacks, canapes or simply fruits. 

If you have enough budget, you can consider a caterer for the party. As for the drinks, make sure to have alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as plenty of water. You can create a punch bowl just for the occasion!

Plan good music

Last but not least, music! When choosing music for a party is always good to take into account who is coming and how loud you want to get. If the people in your party will look more to interact with each other rather than dancing it off, a relax tune will be more appropriate. 

If thought they are ready to burn their shoes on the dance floor make sure to boost the genre and volume accordingly. Be careful not to disturb your neighbours with loud music, or you might have some unwanted visits. Unless, of course, you invite the whole neighbourhood! In any case, it will be better to have a trusted individual responsible for the music. 

A house-warming party will welcome your friends and family into a new chapter of your life, but as most parties, it will take some organisational skills from your part. Following our guide, it will ensure that you will have an amazing time without much troubles.

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Do you have any party organising tips and secrets? We would love to hear them in the comments! 

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