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Clever storage ideas for small homes

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Hallway & Cloakroom Storage Ideas: modern  by Big Blu Furniture, Modern
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Can anyone ever truly have enough storage in their home? We don't think so, but there's a difference between simply filling your free space with bulky furniture and thinking up some truly genius ways to make extra room where you might least expect to find it. 

We're going to fill you in on some terrific space-savvy storage ideas over the course of a three-part article and we know we've sourced our ideas from valid sources, as many of these are used by interior designers.

If you're ready to wake up to storage space you never knew you could have, read on!

1. Fold bed linen and store it in a spare pillow case

Bed Linen Collection: classic  by King of Cotton, Classic
King of Cotton

Bed Linen Collection

King of Cotton

Have you ever stopped to notice how much space bed linen actually takes up? It's monstrous and those drawers could be put to much better use, so fold everything and tuck it into a pillowcase, then stack neatly.

Trust us, this is a game-changer!

2. Add clever pull-out racks to corner cabinets

Magic Corner Solution: modern  by Urban Myth, Modern
Urban Myth

Magic Corner Solution

Urban Myth

Kitchen corner cabinets can be a real space-drainer, but if you get clever with your installations you can open up vast amounts of storage potential. 

Pull-out shelves, carousels and trays are ideal for getting into every last dead inch of space.

3. Invest in a hidden storage ottoman

classic  by Locus Habitat, Classic
Locus Habitat

Gorgeous Leather Chesterfield Ottoman

Locus Habitat

Ottomans look great, offer you a handy footstool when you want it and don't take up too much room, but if you go the extra mile and grab one with a lift-up lid, you'll have a huge amount of secret storage to play with. 

You could even add a tray for keeping the remotes in.

4. A hallway storage cabinet adds bags of storage

Solid Walnut Shoe Cabinet from our Mayan Range: modern  by Big Blu Furniture, Modern Solid Wood Multicolored
Big Blu Furniture

Solid Walnut Shoe Cabinet from our Mayan Range

Big Blu Furniture

Hallways are often afterthoughts but, in terms of storage, they have a wealth of potential.

A small cabinet will be great for hiding away shoes and bags and add a little change plate for shrapnel and keys and you'll never lose anything again.

5. Add storage bins to your kid's room

The trick to making your kids a little tidier is to make tidying fun! 

A handy storage bench, which doubles up as a comfy seat, makes being neat so much more enjoyable, especially if you add some colourful storage bins that your kids can curate themselves.

6. Store your ladders on the back of your garage doors

Painted Swing Electric Garage doors Modern garage/shed by Portcullis Electric Gates Modern
Portcullis Electric Gates

Painted Swing Electric Garage doors

Portcullis Electric Gates

Have you ever noticed how much room DIY materials take up? 

A great way to stem the flow is to mount your ladders on the back of a garage door. That way, you free up lots of floor space. Or, you can pop them up in the rafters and make way for more useful storage items.

7. Simple wall shelves are mighty effective

Vipp shelves: industrial  by Vipp, Industrial

Vipp shelves


What could be nicer than some super simple wall shelves, which take up very little room but offer huge amounts of extra display and storage potential? 

These designs are great, as you get two display ledges per installation.

8. Hang a shower caddy inside your vanity unit

If you hand a shower caddy inside one of your doors, you have the perfect spot for keeping and storing bulky hair appliances, such as straighteners, hairdryers and brushes. 

You'll free up so much more shelf space in the vanity unit.

9. Build your cabinets right up to the ceiling.

With the top cabinets in your kitchen, there's no rule saying you have to be able to see some wall above them, so why not build in a double row to maximise your storage? 

Build them right up to the ceiling and you'll have a contemporary built-in look that functions fantastically.

10. Add extra larder cupboards

Pull-out larder cupboards aren't just for food so, if you have a small utility space, you should add a couple in and use them to store cleaning supplies and other household bulk.

Many are just 20 cm wide so you'll definitely have space.

Enjoy some more storage inspiration with this Ideabook: Insanely clever storage ideas for your whole home.

Which of these ideas do you want to try in your home?
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