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How can I divide my living room and hallway?

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If your home has an open-plan entrance, it can be hard to distinguish where your hallway ends and your living room begins, which is why talented interior designers have been searching for innovative ways to cordon off the different areas. 

Walls are so last season and shut out all the natural light that could be flowing around your home, so the task has fallen to fabulous furniture installations that serve to not only divide a space, but also add extra functionality. 

We know you'll love these ideas, so let's stop talking and start looking!

1 Choose floating walls

For something a little more solid but still unobtrusive, mobile walls are a great idea. You can position them where you want to easily divide a hallway from a living room and even have access to handy storage. 

We love the idea of mounting a TV to one, as seen here!

2. Use open shelves

Open-sided shelves keep all the natural light flowing and allow you to make a beautiful display of your most treasured possessions for visitors to see as soon as they walk through your front door. 

It's still a divide but much less oppressive than a standard wall.

3. Try using different floor levels

Why use walls to distinguish between areas in your home when you can simply take advantage of different floor heights?

Subtle and seamless, we love how it simultaneously keeps you guessing and clearly denotes different spaces.

4. Build library-style bookshelves

If you have a huge amount of books, why not get serious about your hallway storage with dividing shelves? 

We urge you to consider an entire wall of bookshelves, with open sides and a makeshift doorway. Talk about drama and impressive style, as well as an effective divide!

5. Install simple plasterboard walls

Partial walls are a good way to separate your hallway from your living room without blocking all the natural light out. 

You can make these static installations as big or small as you like and decorate them for a really cohesive look.

6. Even tiny shelves will work

If you're seriously tempted by the idea of using bookshelves to divide your hallway from your living room, but aren't sure you have enough space to play with, think again!

Even a super slim installation will have the impact you want by creating a barrier between two spaces.

7. With an artistic storage installation

The perfect combination of a wall and bookshelves, this incredible storage device makes the ideal hallway and living room divide, displaying beautiful trinkets to perfection. 

Seriously, who needs solid walls?

For more hallway inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: These 6 ideas would work a treat in your small hallway.

Which ideas could help in your home?

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