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Long gone are the days of cheap-looking, poorly made and soulless mobile homes. If you think modern mobile homes are for the those with no taste or class, think again!

Boutique Modern in East Sussex are a home building company bringing back mobile homes to offer an economical, adaptable and completely stylish housing solution for those who wish to live a scaled-down yet completely refined lifestyle. 

The beauty of this home design is they can be placed almost anywhere and are completely customisable. Named 'The Edge', this mobile home is everything a modern home should be; beautiful, spatially aware, eco-friendly, functional and most of all, affordable.

Let's take a closer look…

The Edge

Modern mobile homes such as 'The Edge' are completely customisable, pre-fabricated buildings, while every finish, surface and furnishing decision can be chosen by the client. They are constructed of a steel skeleton with insulated panels forming the floors, wall and roof. 

The nature of these buildings and their off-site construction means no interference, such as the weather, will prevent them from being finished on time and on budget.

No more stigma

The stigmas associated with mobile homes are long gone and 'The Edge' proves why. The interiors are sleek, stylish, modern and comfortable, with every last detail a reflection of the owner's personality. 

This particular example has gone with a fresh mix of modern fittings and eclectic finishes, with no indication this is a prefabricated structure.

Always eco-friendly

As with any modern new build, the environment has been taken into consideration in every aspect. The steel skeleton distributes all of its weight evenly across 12 columns, doing away with the need for typical foundations. This reduces ground disturbance, as well as cutting completion time. 

South-facing orientation and highly thermal windows means the majority of heating can be produced from solar gain, while extra environmentally-friendly technologies—such as green roofs, rainwater harvesting and air source heat pumps—can be added. 

All of these elements, paired with LED lights and modern eco-conscious appliances, ensure financial costs are kept down whilst you do your part for the environment.

Custom layouts

'The Edge' typically contains two bedrooms, meaning a small family could live comfortably without spending the rest of their life paying off a mortgage. Classy floorboards, lighting, and decorative elements mean this home will remain contemporary for years to come. 

Without the constraints of internal structural walls, however, any number of bedrooms and layout combinations means a multitude of uses are possible in a mobile home.

Modern and luxurious

Looking more like the bathroom from an up-scale hotel, this bathroom could easily be yours. With all the mod-cons, plus a few added luxuries like mood lighting, heated towel racks and even a textured wall in the shower, it's nice to know that comfortable living is attainable. 

With a build time of 12 weeks, you could be living in your dream home sooner than you think!

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Did 'The Edge' change your perception of mobile homes?

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