10 Budget Friendly Wooden Decking Ideas

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PHU Bortnowski
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Do you ever look at gorgeous wooden decking and think you'd love something similar for your home, but wonder if you could afford it? Or if it could fit in your garden

Well, wonder no more as we've found a host of fantastic decking designs that are not only affordable, but also stylish and adaptable! If you don't fancy the idea of getting your landscape architect to complete a decking project for you, we're sure that you'd be able to recreate any of these brilliant designs with a weekend of hard graft.

Let's take a look and see which would work in your outdoor space!

1. A wraparound design

Perfect for small gardens, a wraparound patio garners space where there wasn't any before! 

It would be perfect for parties.

2. Up on a raised platform

If your garden has an uneven surface, you could consider a simple stepped design. 

The stain colour here is glorious!

3. A patio alternative

Instead of laying a standard concrete and slab patio, decking is a fast and economical option. 

You can even create steps down to the lawn!

4. Finished with an inset border

For decking with a difference, how about cutting a section out and including a little border? 

Choose hardy plants that need little care!

5. A charming wooden corner

If your home is an L-shaped structure, you have a perfect opportunity to fill in the blank space with a gorgeous deck. 

Some potted plants will finish it perfectly.

6. Over multiple levels

The joy of decking is that it's so easy to cut and meld, so you can cover as little or as much of your patio as you want to. 

You can also extend the area whenever you like!

7. Curved and beautiful

It's not all sharp edges and squares when it comes to decking, as you can embrace a few curves too! 

What a way to create something truly unique.

8. With a lovely all-weather cover

If you manage to lay a simple deck, how about adding some all-weather protection with an enclosed pergola? 

Everything will tie in nicely as long as you use the same stain.

9. Painted with a pergola

Talking of stain, we had to show you this example as it proves just how pretty painted decking can look. 

It looks so seamless with the white house render!

10. Perfect for pondering on

Small can be mighty, if you finish the edges in a neat and beautiful way.

With enough space for a couple of chairs, this would be a cost-effective project to copy and a lovely relaxing spot to enjoy when it's done.

For extra garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: What kind of wall and garden fencing options are there?

What sort of decking would suit your garden?

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