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Affordable space solutions for small homes

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We hope you tuned in yesterday for part one of this guide. If not, make sure you check out that link to get the full benefit of all our handy hints for making more of a small home!

Interior designers make small home living seem so easy and practical, so we thought it would be a great idea to let you in on some of their top secrets.

If you're always trying to find new ways to make your small home work more efficiently, this is definitely the article for you, so let's get to the tips…

12. Put storage furniture into your closet

Rather than wasting precious bedroom space with chests of drawers, put them in your closet. It makes sense when you think about it, as you can keep all your clothes in one place and leave your main sleeping area free of clutter and chunky furniture. 

It'll make the space seem so much bigger!

13. Add wall storage to a small bathroom

Wall shelves in a small bathroom are vital for stowing all your toiletries and bulky items, such as towels. 

Stack everything neatly and it won't look cluttered or messy and you'll really appreciate the clear countertops you'll gain!

14. Include a transforming work station

Nearly every household now has a computer so, to make more of your technology, a transforming desk is a must.

Slimline desks that almost disappear into nothing when not in use are a great way to get all the benefits of a dedicated home office, without requiring a huge sacrifice of space.

15. Tackle your spice storage

Spice Organisation Urban Myth KitchenStorage
Urban Myth

Spice Organisation

Urban Myth

Spice jars might be small but, en masse, can swallow up a lot of kitchen cupboard space and they're so easy to lose. 

A designated drawer or spice rack is a clever way to keep all the condiments you use regularly organised and to hand.

16. Tiered displays save so much space

Three Tiered Plant Stand homify Garden Furniture

Three Tiered Plant Stand


Whether you use tiered storage for plants or even bathroom toiletries, stacking items up high will save you a huge amount of counter, shelf or floor area. 

Using height is an inspired way to cram more into a small space and the possibilities are endless.

17. Pull-out shelving is a valuable addition

Small pull out larder located next to the hob, great for convinient cooking Kitchencraft Modern kitchen

Small pull out larder located next to the hob, great for convinient cooking


Every nuance of storage is vital in a small kitchen, but have you considered pull-out larder shelves? 

You might be surprised to learn they can be as narrow as just 20 cm but open up to reveal an incredible amount of food storage potential.

18. Use curtains to divide spaces

Yellow Ombre linen curtain by Lovely Home Idea LOVELY HOME IDEA Windows & doors Curtains & drapes

Yellow Ombre linen curtain by Lovely Home Idea


In a super small home, such as a studio space, curtains are a fantastic way to introduce a little privacy when you want it and a non-permanent divide when you don't. 

Keep curtains floaty and semi-sheer and you'll really see the benefit of all the natural light your home enjoys.

19. Choose slimline sofas over deep varieties

Though a sumptuous sofa that you can fall into might sound tempting, you have to be more savvy with your selection in a small space.

A narrow sofa will free up a lot of floor space, yet still be comfortable. If you need extra support, a cushion or two is an easy solution.

20. Add curtain hooks to hangers to double storage

Your clothes hangers can be much more handy if you add some curtain hooks to them.

Perfect for hanging multiple scarves, tank tops or even t-shirts, you'll be shocked at how much you can neatly get into your wardrobe!

21. Add some splashback storage

Kitchen storage doesn't have to be limited to cupboards, so get a little more inventive. 

We love utensil and pan racks and think they look great when mounted against the splashback. Plus, they have the added bonus of keeping everything you need within easy reach.

22. Create inset shower shelving

Bathroom toiletries swallow up a huge amount of space, especially in a small bathroom, so inset shower shelving makes perfect sense.

It's simple to create, keeps everything within easy reach (but not in the way) and looks beautifully modern!

Which tips could help make more of your small home?

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