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Why spend a lot of time making your home truly stunning if you're just going to ignore the bathroom design? Yes, it might be a practical space, but that doesn't mean it can't be captivating and gorgeous as well. 

We've taken a look at how top bathroom designers inject serious style and eye-catching features into their clients' rooms and think we've picked up on a few easy to copy techniques, which we're going to share with you right now. 

If your bathroom is less fab and more drab, prepare to change all of that by reading these fantastic ideas!

1. Install the biggest mirror possible

Bathrooms are practical, intimate rooms, which means you need a large mirror in there, but it's not a perfunctory addition. 

Mirrors help to distribute natural light and add a touch of natural glamour to the room, so go all out!

2. Use wood to add warmth

Natural wood always looks gorgeous in bathrooms by adding in such a rich, organic feel. So, if you're about to embark on a bathroom revamp, it's worth considering.

It could be as simple as choosing wood flooring or a wooden shelf vanity unit!

3. Choose a fancier shower curtain

If you think shower curtains have to be boring plastic sheets, you're wrong! 

There are a myriad of beautiful and intricate styles to choose from, which can instantly transform your bathroom into a far more glamorous and eye-catching space.

4. Keep your shelves in sight

Instead of simply choosing a vanity unit with cupboard doors, you should consider including some open wall shelves in your bathroom. 

The perfect spot for storing and displaying your prettier, more high-end toiletries and fresh towels, open shelves add as much style as they do practical funtionality.

5. Splash out on a statement sink

If you only want to make one change to your bathroom to give it some serious oomph, you absolutely have to consider a unique sink. 

Carved stone versions, coloured varieties and even unusual shapes are all good ideas to consider and will have guests talking about your sink long after they've left.

6. Include storage that can hide clutter

While we think having some open shelves is a great way to make your bathroom shine, you should also have a more standard vanity to ensure you have somewhere to stash your less appealing necessities, such as toilet roll. 

Small or large, a vanity with integral cupboards is never going to look anything other than well-considered.

For extra bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: What mistakes do people make designing their bathroom?

Which idea do you want to use in your bathroom?

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