Small space living ideas UK—7 ways

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Stairs for small spaces Fontanot Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs
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How can a small apartment be decorated and designed to appear larger? You need smart ideas, good planning, and a little creativity. When you live in a cramped or compact space, a common gripe is that there simply isn’t enough room for comfortable and functional living. This needn’t be the case. With proper planning, and a dash of ‘outside-the-box’ thinking, you can create a space that is both attractive, and alluring. From clever storage solutions to hidden kitchens, there are plenty of ways we can transform our minute homes into efficient and enjoyable spaces. 

If you would like a little inspiration, check out today’s ideabook, which is brimming with 7 stylish spaces that have utilised their compact space resourcefully and sophisticatedly.

Multi-purpose space

At first glance this may not look like a small space, but upon closer inspection we can see how many different living spaces are effortlessly combined into one area. Perfectly partitioned regions of the room house the dining space, lounge, and even a small work area. Incorporating three rooms into one is often a tricky task but Keir Townsend have managed it effortlessly. The smart use of dividing elements and furniture help to segment the space—the statement light over the dining room provides striking illumination to the table below, and the dark timber console table helps to create a boundary between the living space and the eating area.

Corridor and more

In our homes we often have less room than we need—areas such as libraries, reading rooms, studies and spare bedrooms sometimes need to be forgone to accommodate more important living spaces. In this example we can see how a linear walkway has included some built in joinery which allows the inclusion of bookshelves, and storage space. If you have a corridor or hallway that is large and utilising too much space, consider stylish storage and shelving that can drastically enhance your domestic space.

Cute and compact bathroom

Bathrooms are often one of the smallest areas of the home, and more often than not, they can be constricted, cramped and cloistered. The best way to ensure you wash space feels as large as possible is to clear out the clutter and mess, replace some of the dreary and out-dated joinery and install some new compact items. This example is a great illustration of smaller carpentry units that add loads of style and fit in a compact way. Choose a neutral or white colour scheme for maximum spaciousness, or if you are wanting some contrast, take a leaf out of this designer’s book and choose a dark hue matched with a bright white shade.

Think up!

Stairs for small spaces Fontanot Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs

Stairs for small spaces


When we live in small or compact spaces, there is often not very much room to renovate or extend. However, the options sometimes exists to extend upwards and create a mezzanine, or renovate a loft. This can be a great way to get a little extra space and create a new area to enjoy or simply store some of your extra living appurtenances. But how do you get up to your new attic or loft without sacrificing that already minimal floor space? These miniscule staircases from Fontanot are an excellent solution—small in design and big on style, these can be assembled at home, and not only act practically, but are a chic addition to any home.

The hidden kitchen

Richmond - A Kitchen in Three Movements Johnny Grey Modern kitchen
Johnny Grey

Richmond—A Kitchen in Three Movements

Johnny Grey

If you live in a tiny home, you will undoubtedly want to minimise the impact your kitchen has on the rest of the space. Now while the kitchen can be an excellent statement and stylish centrepiece to you home, you may want to ensure the unsightly additional accessories are nicely hidden away. This wonderful kitchen space is a testament to ingenious design—the gas cooktop and extractor fan are hidden away behind a sliding door, which also keeps the fumes and other accessories nicely covered and concealed.

Stylish storage

Storage is a huge issue in poorly designed compact homes and living spaces. If you need a little extra room to display your curios, books, accessories or accoutrements, consider some well-designed joinery that will add a sleek and well-designed aesthetic to your space, whilst providing much needed display and storage space.

The tiny and cosy bedroom

Many people would look at this space and see no way of installing a bed into the area—the designers however have managed to create a sleeping space that is not only stylish and ultra-snug, but incorporates storage space, art, and a sense of warmth and homeliness. When we decorate small areas we tend to choose white or neutral tones, however, this area has worked wonderfully with a deeper and rich shade which creates a sense of encapsulation and cosy cavernous charm.

Do you have a small or compact area in your home? How did you decorate and design your space? Let us know in the comments below.

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