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Kings Langley House Satish Jassal Architects
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Taking a look at exciting innovations that allow previously wasted space to be opened up is never something we shy away from. So, when we came across a clever ground floor conversion with a concealed bathroom, we knew we had to share it.

With a brief in place to remodel and open up the ground floor of an existing house, the design team put their thinking caps on and created a space that is as functional as it is beautiful, then filled it with clever, space-saving tricks. Moving the kitchen to the front of the house allowed more light to pour in and, having used a beautiful material palette, everywhere not only feels a little more organic, but effortlessly calming as well.

Let's take a look around and see if any of the inclusions inspire you and your next project!

Before: Only full of potential

Satish Jassal Architects were asked to remodel and open up the ground floor of an existing home. 

In the original layout, the bathroom and kitchen were to the rear of the house, blocking views to the south-facing garden. This layout also prevented light from entering the centre of the house.

After: Cosy spaces

It always strike us as difficult to make a cool tone, such as white, appear warm and cosy without just giving into temptation and simply installing a huge amount of clutter. What has been achieved here is lovely, with just the right amount of personal possessions working well with a neutral coloured and comfortable looking sofa.

This corner looks to be a key hub of the home, offering a changeable functionality. If you want a quiet reading space, it can accommodate. Likewise, if you're hoping for a lively discussion with family members, it lends itself to that purpose too. 

After: Simple and stylish

Walnut faced plywood shelves Satish Jassal Architects Living roomShelves
Satish Jassal Architects

Walnut faced plywood shelves

Satish Jassal Architects

Any home that needs more space will also require increased storage and display functionality and this home was no exception. Clearly a family residence, there are a number of toys and photographs that needed to be safely housed and these super walnut edged shelves were just the thing.

A classic combination with the white walls, natural wood shelves allow for beauty and purpose to come together effortlessly and we love the clever use of upright edge pieces to really secure everything in place. Built-in bookends never looked so good!

After: A surprise inside

As lovely as the natural wood shelves are, something even more exciting and clever is what lies behind them. Would you have guessed that one of the wall panels would slide away to reveal a bathroom? Nope? Neither would we!

Making great use of the formerly dead wall space, an extra toilet is a fantastic addition to any family home, as you never know when the bathroom will be in use. By hiding the addition, rather than shouting about it, the larger living room space has been able to remain modest, pared back and beautiful. This approach maintains the ethos of the project and avoids getting sidetracked by showy extras.

Before: An unremarkable kitchen

This was the previous incarnation of the kitchen, prior to it being moved to the front of the house.

On the next photo you'll see how things look after the introduction of full-height windows to the sides of the house and removal of the intermediate walls.

After: Shine bright like a diamond

In a space that is thirsty for more light, what could be better than using gloss white materials in large volumes? We are floored by the careful consideration and attention to detail that the team at Satish Jassal put into this build. Far from being just another open plan white kitchen development, there is a lot of personality here.

Not cold or sterile, the shiny white cabinets and floor naturally absorb and reflect the warm natural light that is pouring in. This makes the space seem far larger than it actually is, while also creating a neutral platform for the more exciting décor to stand on.

After: Love the layout

While open plan living is becoming increasingly more common, it is still unusual to see a kitchen at the front of a property, where a living room would traditionally be found. We love that this has been completed and think that the switcheroo has had an incredible impact on the rest of the space.

Saturating the kitchen with light, the lovely period windows are working their magic, being ably supported by the semi-gloss floor that enjoys every nuance of illumination. By keeping absolutely everything white, there is no trace left of the former darker space and we can't imagine the kitchen being anywhere else.

After: A perfect palette

An amazing concoction of colours and materials were used in this transformation! Turning a traditional dark home with separate spaces into a bright, airy and communal haven is never an easy task but, by selecting only the most harmonious and stunning materials available, this project was an enormous success.

The natural wood adds depth, character and warmth, while the muted tiles and funky lighting add little understated touches of style and elegance that could be so easily overlooked. But then again, so too could the hidden bathroom! What a marvellously modest and terrifically tasteful space.

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