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It's not everyday that we are able to present a home that is something completely out of the ordinary, but this is one of those occasions. Located along the breathtaking Cádiz coastline in Spain is this newly constructed home. The focus of the architects was to design a beach house using the principles of minimalist design and to be guided by the natural landscape. 

The end result is something that is simply stunning, but we invite you to make up your own mind. Keep scrolling to take a look through this gem by the sea. 

One with the landscape

Let's begin with a picture that reveals the full scope of the project. From this perspective, we can see how the house is located directly along the beaches shoreline. The low lying design of the house moulds into the natural elevation of the sand dunes. Landscaping surrounding the property is extensive, and acts not only as an aesthetic element, but also an effective method of preventing future erosion.  

Fresh sea breeze

The overarching principle of minimalist design is to create valuable spaces within a structure using limited design and architectural features. This house reflects this principle perfectly. There is a tangible brightness and openness in this living room thanks to the muted colour palette and the generous slide-able glass panel doors. In addition, furnishing of the room is limited to avoid distracting from the views.   

Connective layout

There has been a thoughtful design focus to reduce the amount of physical barriers in this home. Long, clear sheets of glass replace solid walls, and doorways are significantly wider than in conventional homes. As a result, there is a greater sense of openness and connectivity between rooms. Not to mention: the cool breeze of the Atlantic ocean is able to flow throughout the whole house. 

Rooftop luxury

Now it's time to show the luxurious side of the home, or should we say top? The rooftop entertainment area is complete with a lap pool and uninterrupted views of the ocean. It's easy to imagine spending a whole afternoon relaxing by the poolside after completing a couple of laps of the pool. 

Ocean sunset

A highlight is the point where the sand meets the houses external stone and decking area. The ground level has been dug to be at the same level as the sand to give the impression that the home is a mere extension of the beach itself. It becomes clear that there's a sense of harmony that exits between this home and the environment.

Let's continue the ocean theme with an ideabook about a luxury yacht designed by famous interior designer Kelly Hoppen. Click the link below for the stunning Pearl 65 Yacht!

homify-360: Inside the pearl 65 yacht

Did you like the minimalist inspired design of this beach house, or was it a little too different? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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