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Fear not if you're worried your ambition of getting on the housing ladder will be quashed by rising prices and increased demand, as we've found some incredible homes that prove you can get a dream home for less than you might think, if you're willing to be a little creative. 

Naturally, location and land prices will impact the final cost of building homes such as these, and there also are architect fees to take into account, but when you see how much it cost to build these beautiful homes, we think you'll be inspired to reignite your homeowner dreams!

1. A creative container home

Are you ready to know how much this eye-catching and cool home cost? Just £7,000! 

Built using a secondhand shipping crate, this is a fantastic first home for anyone living alone. And thanks to the design, it can be easily moved and relocated with the help of a truck.

1. Inspired interior

In a bid to make this container feel more like a home, all the electrics have been housed in a single wall and vinyl flooring (coupled with plasterboard wall surfaces) provide thermal and acoustic insulation. 

All of the lighting is LED-powered and further ecological innovations means that energy savings of 80% can be enjoyed, as well as a 50% saving on water consumption. There are even photovoltaic panels, rain water collection facilities and a septic tank, which means a totally sustainable home for £7,000!

1. Practically laid out

This might not be a large home but it has a wonderfully practical layout. For a single occupant, we can imagine this being more than comfortable.

2. Perfection squared

£16,000 is all it took to create this impressive-looking home, but it's much more than just a pretty building. 

With a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and utility space, the house was completed with double-height ceilings to create a more spacious feel and increased comfort. 

The contrasting clad and smooth walls look fantastic!

2. Simple finishes

More cosy than luxurious, the interior here is sweet and functional, with vibrant bursts of colour included to pep up the look. 

We really like the mix of a small modern kitchen with upcycled dining room furniture.

2. The main event

We bet this library wall comes as a huge surprise! A fantastic way to make a small space infinitely more usable and homely, floor-to-ceiling shelves have taken full advantage of the impressive height. 

There's even a small home office set up!

2. Not your average house

From every angle, this home looks more and more impressive. Modern, stylish and yet so simple, it makes a definite impression.

3. A wooden wonder

If you have £43,000 to spend on a dream home, you could recreate something like this fabulous building, as that's exactly how much it cost. 

Offering 65 square metres of interior space, there is more than enough room for a small family and the wooden framework design makes this such a cost-effective and fast project to complete.

4. Drink in the view

The glazing choices for this home were inspired. 

Offering a 360° view of the incredible surroundings, these panoramic windows draw in so much natural light and all the multifunctional furniture maximises the practicality. 

Polystyrene walls were a cheap and effective way to insulate and guarantee some acoustic protection.

3. Relaxing and restorative

Kept super simple, this bedroom is beautiful in its own right and the view certainly doesn't hurt either.

The connecting terrace must be a wonderful way to enjoy the location, from first thing in the morning to last thing at night.

4. Simple luxury

You can't deny this home makes a fantastic first impression, but that's only going to get better when you discover the entire home cost just £62,000 to build. 

White render, wood cladding and black metal frames all look wonderfully contemporary and speak of luxury far beyond the project budget!

4. Open-plan and pretty

Walking into this home, there's such a sense of easy living, which is a result of the open layout. 

By integrating the kitchen, dining room and lounge areas, there's such a beautiful sense of cohesion that is usually reserved for more expensive homes.

4. Extra touches

With a small budget to build a home, it falls to extra details to add a touch of special luxury and this feature garden wall is more than up to the task.

Creating a gorgeous visuals, it's these additional decorative features that make the building costs such a surprise.

5. Deceptive proportions

This might look like a tiny home but it's deceptive! 

With two bedrooms, a comfortable living room, garage, balcony and even an indoor garden, the owners sure got a lot for their £62,000! Yes, you read that right.

What we're most taken with is the fabulous architecture and the way the lines and angles create a harmonious and contemporary dialogue.

5. Hidden surprises

Just look at what a pleasing rear extension this terrace provides. 

With an open architectural design and large windows, there's a sense of how light and spacious the inside of the house must feel. This gorgeous design really does look like a modern beach house!

5. Crisp finishes

For just £62,000 you could be forgiven for assuming you wouldn't be presented with perfectly crisp finishes, but that's resolutely not the case here, with all the cut outs and eclectic windows helping to mix up the styling.

What a fabulous home!

For more dream home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Dream home for the modern family.

Which of these houses was your favourite?

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