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48 hour apartment makeover!

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Do you ever feel that your apartment is due for some redecoration but you have a busy schedule? It's true that sometimes balancing the fast pace of the working life with social needs leaves little room to even attempt the simplest redecoration. Well, we are here to help! There are ways to change your modern cave in just a weekend. 

You can lick a new paint on a wall, invest a few pounds on a new coffee table and dust off your craftsmanship skills. How long will it take to reorganise your bookshelves or hang a few paintings in the living room? Or pay a visit to a florist for some colourful pots? You shouldn’t dream away the wind of change for your apartment because of limited time. In less than 48 hours, with simple means, it can look as good as new.  

Let’s see then 6 ways for a quick redecoration!

Paint one wall

A way to redecorate your apartment quickly is by breaking the pattern of walls painted with the same colour. Adding an accent wall can become a very powerful design for your apartment. It’s eye catching and gives you the opportunity to play around with furniture, redefining the space into novel forms.

When you have four white walls, a traditional choice will be to lick a vibrant colour on one of them. If you are an avid painter, you can paint a design on the accent wall with different colours. But make sure the new colours complement each other and the rest of your apartment.

If painting sounds a hefty job, you can always tattoo your wall. The image above is a perfect example of how wall tattoo springs new life into the apartment. You can almost high-five Spiderman!

Decorate the walls with posters, frames or artwork

Standing, hands on waist, looking at your empty walls, the feeling that something is missing consumes you. That something can be artwork! With a few pieces of art, a room adopts a unique sophisticated personality and denotes the character of the owner. 

Art pieces can include paintings, pictures, sculptures or even posters. You can, almost, never go wrong with art. A simple painting of pop culture depicting a sceptical Einstein, as in the image, can be a colourful display for a hasty redecoration. Of course, art doesn’t need to make sense. So you can let your artistic spirit loose and hang a variety of different paintings that when put together remind of an art gallery.

Organise your books by colour and size

Living Room homify Eclectic style living room

Living Room


An organised apartment will feel a lot different than a disorganised, and an easy way to redecorate your apartment is by bringing a sense of order to your bookshelves. Put them in categories, arrange them by colour or size. It doesn’t really matter which system you will use to organise your bookshelf.

But after you have done so and take a step back, the room will feel as new! With organisation, you can maximize the space on your bookshelves and reinvent their use by making them a display for pictures or family heirlooms. A nice addition to the new orderly bookcase will be to paint its inside a couple shades deeper than the rest of the room. 

Invest in one new piece of furniture

Sterling Oak Nest of Tables The Cotswold Company Living roomSide tables & trays
The Cotswold Company

Sterling Oak Nest of Tables

The Cotswold Company

Have you ever consider buying new furniture? If you seek a quick redecoration it’s time to do so. We don’t mean to replace all your furniture in the apartment but just invest in a new piece. Whether it’s a coffee table, a standing lamp or that swinging chair you always wanted, a novel furniture will breathe a new life in the apartment. 

The novel piece of furniture needs not match the existing. On the contrary, diversity adds layers and dimensions to a room, attributing to it a unique character. If you have a tight budget and expensive furniture are out of reach, you can visit garage sales, auctions or flea markets that usually foster hidden treasures. 

Build or paint one piece of furniture

Book rack in Ash agustav Living roomShelves

Book rack in Ash


In 2016, the trend of recycled furniture will knock on the door and if you want a fast redecoration you better let it in! It’s time to dust off your craftsmanship skills. There are really limitless possibilities of what you can build.

One can create wine racks made out of used cartons, build shelves from wooden boxes and use forgotten palettes to build a simple coffee table. We love the unique bookshelf on the image, with a simple wooden rack and movable hanging strings holding your favourite books

You can also choose a piece of furniture gnawed by time and paint it a new life! If you choouse to repaint a wooden furniture is best to use oil-based paints. The weekend you will devote in redecoration will be all the more fun if it includes you, tools and innovative ideas!

Get plants

Finally, for a quick renovation it’s time to bring nature inside. If you ask the different faculties of science they will tell you contact with nature has diverse health benefits: it lowers stress and blood pressure, speeds up the recovery from illness, improves concentration and it generally makes you happier. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

You can follow the simple step of the image above and place two pots with fig trees in the living room or you can add a colourful blend of flowers on your balcony. It’s really up to you and with the added plants the apartment’s view will transform. 

The mere fact your time is limited shouldn't hinder your plans to redecorate your apartment. By following our suggestions, in a matter of few hours you will look at your apartment in a whole different way.

If you don't have much to spend, you might like to check out: Brilliant Tips For Budget Decorating.

Are you feeling inspired to make some changes this weekend? If so, let us know your plans!

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