Awesome Christmas gifts for grown up kids

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You might be thinking to yourself that it's a little early to be talking about Xmas gifts but you do know that it's just four weeks away, don't you? If you were going to get an early start, you would have been shopping last month, but don't worry if you have run out of ideas for people, as we have found some super cool presents to share with you!

It doesn't matter how grown up we think we are, Xmas is a time for fun and frivolous gifts, so whether you have a cycling fanatic, a lego enthusiast or even a fitness fiend amongst your friends and family, we have some great gift ideas for you.

Take a look at our top Xmas gift ideas and see if they would be ideal for anyone that you know!

Super cool desk

You might be a little confused, after all, how can a desk be though t of as a fun or cool present? Well, we think that as far as Xmas gifts go, this amazing desk, from Consentable, is a fabulous choice!

Offering not only a stylish platform to work from, this desk tidies away your cables, allowing for a mess-free workstation and has a fantastic clear glass section for keeping your favourite technology safely stowed away. It's perfect for anyone that is easily distracted, as phones and tablets can be hidden away until work has been completed! Style meets amazing practicality!

Awesome office isolator

Noisy households can be exceptionally difficult to work in, especially when children are a factor, so this space-age looking creation is the perfect present for anyone that needs a little more control over their surroundings. 

Xmas gifts such as this office isolator may not seem exciting or fun, but the companies that make them have sought to make them stylish and practical, upping their joy factor significantly. If a quiet space to call their own is important to someone, an item such as this will be a much loved gift for everyone, from children who have to complete their homework away from noisy siblings, through to adults who need to focus on a work project. We wonder if they come in homify green…

Brilliant balance ball

Balance balls serve a number of functions these days and are frequently found outside the gym. That's not to say they aren't fantastic Xmas gifts for a fitness fan, as they are, but don't only consider them for your active friends!

Balance balls are now being used as office chairs by a huge number of people who have seen the benefits of improved posture and core strength and though they might not be as automatically comfortable as a standard swivel chair, apparently, they get easier to use and comfier, meaning many people don't look back! This example is great, as the colour scheme is unisex and fun, making it suitable for male and female recipients alike, but whether it goes in their home gym or home office will remain to be seen!

Space-saving bike rack

Most people, young and old, love to ride a bike and if they love their two-wheeled steed, it can be a shame to leave it languishing outside in a cold or leaky shed. That can all be a thing of the past though, if you bring their passion into the forefront of your inspiration for their Xmas gifts!

We love this wall-mounted bicycle rack that effectively turns any bike into a piece of art and allows for a space-savvy way to ensure your bike is safe and secure when you're not riding it. Small and discreet, when it's not in use, it will still look cute and not take up too much valuable room either. What a clever idea!

Lovely living wall installations

If you have a plant lover in your midst, why not treat them to something a little bit different in terms of their Xmas gifts this year? It's all about the mounted living walls for us right now and these fantastic planters are surely making you see why!

Regardless of outdoor or patio space, everyone can enjoy some extra greenery in their lives when they have some of these fantastic and non-uniform planters on their walls! Whether they choose to plant fun cacti, succulents or trailing foliage is up to them, but one thing is for sure; this will be a treasured present that is never forgotten!

Stunning storage blocks

Who doesn't love Lego? We know we do, regardless of how old we are, except when we stand on it barefoot, as then we lose the love, just for a moment! One thing we could never not love, however, are these stunning lego inspired shelving blocks!

Finished in beautiful pastel hues, we think these would make amazing Xmas gifts for everyone and thanks to the way they can interlock, they can be a recurring gift idea, making them perfect for lazy shoppers! We think these would be a lovely addition to any home and can imagine those receiving them being absolutely ecstatic at your thoughtfulness.

For more Xmas inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Christmas Decorating Ideas.

Know any big kids who would love one of these gifts? Let us know!

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