Building wooden decking in the garden

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We have to admit we're already getting pretty excited about summer. With that in mind, what better home improvement project to show you than a gorgeous outdoor terrace that seems to have appeared from nowhere? 

The professionals that put the initial concept for this terrace together can't have imagined how the finished look would actually evolve. However, we know you'll agree this is a charming wooden terrace that allows for easy garden enjoyment and offers so much scope for summer fun.

If you've been giving some thought to erecting a new terrace of your own, let us show you the entire process. Who knows, this exact style might be everything you've been looking for!

Before: Initial concept drawing

As you can clearly see, this is a lovely home and what a bonus a pretty outdoor terrace would be. 

This initial idea comprised of a wooden decking area, matching pergola and striking bricks support walls, but what would actually be built even exceeds this beautiful rendering.

Work in Progress: Laying the groundwork

With a perfectly level concrete pad laid, wooden studwork is added to provide the perfect decking basis. Isn't it surprising how even this part of the process looks neat? 

You can already see what a generous area this will be!

Work in Progress: Integrating the stairs

Of course, no well thought out terrace will simply drop off to nothing, which is why concrete stairs have been created. They will also get the decking treatment to tie in perfectly with the main terrace.

Work in Progress: Laying the planks

Decking is a relatively straightforward project to complete, but is an absolute doddle in the hands of professionals! 

Wooden lengths are affixed to the studwork, butting up neatly with the house, with excess being left to overhang before being finished with a track saw.

Work in Progress: Shaping up nicely

A wooden terrace is such a simple addition to a garden, but you can already see what a gorgeous impact it's having here. We can already picture lovely al fresco dining and parties!

Work in Progress: Getting the perfect finish

The devil is in the detail when it comes to projects that are completed by talented craftsmen, and this picture of one of the corners proves just how above and beyond this team went. 

Everything butts up to perfection, creating a neat and seamless installation.

Work in Progress: Attention to detail

Do you know what staggers us about these steps? The way the wooden slats perfectly align with those on the terrace. 

It would have been easy to be slapdash and not go the extra mile. By doing so, the finished look is phenomenally tidy.

Work in Progress: Protecting the investment

Any decked area naturally needs extensive treatment to ensure a long life span and what a dream this rich reddish-brown stain is.

Adding charm and style to the area, it also ties in perfectly with the exterior woodwork on the house.

After: Pull up a chair

How could anyone resist spending time out on this fabulous, newly-completed terrace? 

A few planters with vibrant blooms, an elegant dining set and the crispness of the finish all welcome you to pull up a chair and enjoy some much needed relaxation.

After: Drink in that view

And here's the money shot! This is why a terrace was such a necessary addition to this lovely garden because there was a stunning ready-made view to enjoy.

Clearly the pride and joy of the owners, what could be nicer than enjoying the fruits of their garden labours by sitting back with a glass of wine and planning their next landscaping endeavour?

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