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Forget the gym and get fit at home!

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Holland Park: Notting Hill Roselind Wilson Design Modern nursery/kids room
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Don't wait unit January to make a new year's resolution to get fit, especially not when it can be so easy to get started in your own home! From budget fitness hacks through to tailored solutions installed in spare rooms, we have lots of great ideas for you that won't break the bank but will battle the bulge.

Take a look at our home fitness solutions and see if something inspires you to start taking care of yourself and your family a little more!

A child's climbing wall

We know there will be a lot of jealous adults looking at this and wishing they could have a climbing wall in their room, but this is strictly an idea for kids only and a clever one at that!

By making staying active fun and less pressured, children will be far more likely to develop a natural affinity for sport and fitness and we think this amazing climbing wall would be sure to encourage constant movement and lots of happy play time. If you are an adult that is unable to deny your own desire for a full size climbing wall, you could definitely use this as inspiration, but we suggest that you install it somewhere other than your bedroom!

Use your bedroom space

Isn't this a neat and practical solution to tackling home fitness? We love how slimline and unobtrusive this wall-mounted frame is and you might be surprised at just how fit you can get using one of these and nothing else!

Suitable for every member of the family, we think it's a gentle reminder in a child's room, a happy addition to a teens space and a motivating piece of equipment in an adult room, helping to focus the mind as well as the body, on being healthier. If you are keen to keep your room a a little more minimalist, you could also consider attaching the necessary brackets to the wall and storing the frame under a bed until you need it. 

Put your stairs to good use

Entrance, Hall and Staircase at the Chelsea House in Westbourne Grove. Nash Baker Architects Ltd Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Entrance, Hall and Staircase at the Chelsea House in Westbourne Grove.

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

For a brilliant budget home fitness hack, why not put your stairs to good use? Offering the ideal cardiovascular workout, they are free to use, require no extra or specific equipment and can be a great way to track your progress.

We think the ideal workout would be timing yourself you complete a prescribed number of ascents and when it gets easier, either speed up or add a few more! You could even treat yourself to some ankle weights to up the difficulty level and resistance, but one thing is for certain; if we had stairs like this, from Nash Baker we would be supermodels in no time!

Create your own studio

Far from being as expensive as you might think, a dance or yoga studio could just as easily be created in a spare room as a specifically built extension, but whichever solution you opt for, we think a personal space that is dedicated to your favourite form of home fitness is such a treat!

This example looks amazingly relaxing and geared towards nothing but soothing meditation and exercise and we are inspired to recreate it! If you don't have a spare room in your house that can repurposed, we suggest you think about a small garden summer house as a fitness studio as that would be a budget-friendly and beautiful addition.

Install a home gym

If you are a dedicated fitness fan that makes good use of specific equipment, why not save money on expensive gym memberships by creating a home fitness centre within your house? Though the expenditure might be more initially, you will save money in the long run and be able to enjoy working out in the privacy of your own space.

A home gym is a great addition for anyone serious about exercise as it is a totally customisable element, with machines being selected according to which areas of your body you like to work on. Don't forget that the family that works out together, stays together too, so this is a fantastic addition for everyone!

Do some laps in the pool

It might be a luxury addition to a home, but there is no denying that a swimming pool is a great way to embrace home fitness and if you only need to walk on down to your own watery haven, how much easier will it be to motivate yourself? 

We love this pool, which has been kept enormously simple and focussed on its purpose, rather than being transformed into a novelty item. The rich wood decking and stark concrete walls let you know that its time for some exercise and we would be more than happy getting our bathing suits out to complete a few morning lengths in here every day!

Use the great outdoors

Tree house TreeSaurus Modern garden

Tree house


If you have a sizeable garden, a climbing frame is a fantastic way to gently encourage children to embrace home fitness, without them ever really needing to know that you are orchestrating it! If a playground set up is a bit much for you however, tree climbing, football on the grass and all manner of other outdoor activities are perfect for keeping your little ones fit and healthy, as well as yourself! Don't forget, you will be the one clearing up and chasing them to come in for dinner!

For more home fitness inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 6 Easy Steps To Create The Perfect Home Gym.

Are you keen to get fit at home? Thinking about creating a home gym? Tell us about your plans!

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