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Google it! Get a cool office space

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Google is famous around the world for more than simply being a key player in the Internet search engine industry; it has become well known for its eclectic and exciting office designs.

With large offices dotted around the globe, it makes sense that Google, as a company, has sought to make them fun, engaging and inspiring places to spend a lot of time in and many other, smaller, companies are seeking to follow their lead, but how can you achieve something similar on a drastically smaller budget? Having spent millions of pounds on their refurbishments, which include extensive 'chill out zones' and playground additions, such as slides, Google has set the office design bar extremely high, but we think you will be surprised by what is possible for less.

Take a look at our tips for adding a little Google flair into your office and see if you can inspire some extra creativity and productivity at work!

Use primary colours

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Though modern tastes have seen bright white, minimal offices gaining popularity, this is a Google office design that you are trying to emulate, so throw that pared back décor rulebook away and get on-board with some fabulous bright primary colours!

Flashes of turquoise, bright red and sunny yellow will make your office space so much more exciting than bog standard industrial settings and we love this amazing staircase, from Stair Factory, that looks like a slide! It brings all the fun of Google into your work space, without being a frivolous or impractical use of precious space. Perfect for exciting design with a budget in mind!

Go open plan

Office design has come a long way since the days of walled cubicles and isolated work stations, but we can still go further, with totally open plan offices.

It has become increasingly common to see communal desks rather than singular stations, with absolutely no divides between colleagues. This naturally encourages more interaction and dialogue and of course, helps productivity. Google has long been a huge fan of open plan office designs and seeks to make it easier for its staff to mingle and express themselves, so we hope you see the value in doing the same!

Include a lounge area

You know the saying all work and no play? Of course you do! Google does too and took it upon itself to install lounge areas in all of its offices around the world, with the specific purpose of offering stressed, tired or uninspired staff a place to go and take a few minutes to themselves to recharge and refresh their brains. They are even welcome to take their laptops and work from these areas, if that suits them better!

We think a lounge is a great way to show your staff that they are valued and that their well being is a priority, as well as their skills. You don't have to go crazy and recreate a living room or anything, but some functional seating and cosy accessories, such as rugs and cushions, will be really appreciated as part of your office design scheme.

Install a cool canteen

Nobody wants to leave education and go straight into a job where the canteen feels as unwelcoming and uninspiring as the one at school, so take a leaf out of the Google office design book and make sure that your food area is fun, quirky and filled with great, nutritious food. 

A canteen is a social area, but workers will naturally talk about ongoing projects as they eat, so providing them with a cool place to hang out could lead to a little more productivity and imaginative solutions to problems that had previously been unsolved. Don't forget about your perfunctory areas, as these are the spaces that often need the most attention but can produce the most amazing results!

Select comfortable furniture

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We think that Google has it right by choosing furniture that is comfortable, regardless of location. From canteen areas through to lounges and desk chairs, everything has been selected with the comfort of the user in mind and as such, staff feel happier committing to a long day of work.

Even if your office design budget is small, we think you should include comfortable furniture in your list of essential purchases, as without healthy, happy colleagues, you will have to do everything yourself, so speak to your staff and see what they need to make their stations more ergonomic. It could be as simple as a new chair or an adjustable desk, but taking their input into account will gain you valuable brownie points!

Opt for transparency

You know what goes a long way with colleagues? Transparency! We don't just mean in an ethos way, but literally too, as nothing de-motivates people quicker than a boss or senior team member having a separate office, with the blinds drawn. If you have gone for an open plan office design, this shouldn't be a problem, but for rooms that still need a partition, such as meeting spaces, consider glass walls instead of solid, opaque materials as that way, nobody will ever feel left out or in the dark!

For more office inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 8 Stylish Home Office And Workspaces.

What would make your office cooler and more fun to work in? Tell us your thoughts!

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