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Improve your bathroom in an afternoon

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Is there anything more depressing than watching a home makeover programme or design series and feeling really inspired, only to realise that there is no way that you can afford or spare the time to try something you've seen and liked? It's even worse if you have one particular room that you would like to give a facelift!

One room that always seems to be top of the list when it comes to restyling is the bathroom, but rather than worrying that you can't afford to change everything, why not undertake a few quick bathroom changes that can effectively and cheaply transform the room as a whole, in just one afternoon?

Take a look at our tips for making your bathroom a little brighter and more beautiful and see which could have a big impact on your home!

Install a new towel holder

Bathroom homify Modern bathroom



Quick bathroom changes, such as new hardware, are a great way to totally revamp one of the most used rooms in the house for next to no money. Taps will naturally cost a lot more to replace and if you aren't confident in performing a little basic plumbing, you would need to call in a professional, so stick to things that are easy to upgrade.

Towel holders can instantly date a room if they are a bit old fashioned, in the wrong way, so look for polished, bright and modern styles to really give your bathroom a lift!

Treat yourself to a new shower curtain

This sounds like such a small and obvious tip, but you would be surprised just how much a new colourful and fun shower curtain can brighten up a space that you are sick and tired of! It's quick bathroom changes like this that really do make a huge difference.

We love this rainbow zebra design from Salle De Bains and think that it has effortlessly transformed what could have been a very plain and sterile space before. We all know that shower curtains are prone to mildew and other unappealing signs of ageing, so replace them regularly and always look for something that really speaks to you and aligns with your tastes, after all, who said bathrooms need to be boring?

Get some fresh towels

Mr & Mrs D, Bathroom, Woking, Surrey Raycross Interiors Modern bathroom Grey
Raycross Interiors

Mr & Mrs D, Bathroom, Woking, Surrey

Raycross Interiors

We've all got towels that we've had forever, but if you are going to change up your shower curtain, why not get some fresh new towels too that will work with the pattern and colour scheme? If you are transforming a space that you find too dull, then naturally, we suggest you go for towels that are as bright and bold as you dare!

Flashes and pops of colour, along with fabulous textures and textiles are quick bathroom changes that can make a huge impact on how the space is perceived. If you opt for towels that are bright and fluffy enough, we bet nobody would even be able to tell you what the wall colour is. What a great distraction!

Install a simple mirror

House on St George's Hill EVGENY BELYAEV DESIGN Classic style bathroom

House on St George's Hill


Putting a mirror into your bathroom is a sure fire way to guarantee that it looks bigger, more elegant and fit for purpose, so we suggest you go as big as you dare but keep the style simple.

This frameless example is a perfect choice for anyone looking to make quick bathroom changes that will have a big impact, as you can create a feature wall to mount it on, or keep it nice and simple and let the mirror work its magic, effortlessly transforming your room so that it appears twice the size that it actually is. Quick fixes are all about minimal work for maximum effect, so this is one of our key tips.

Choose a luxurious bath mat

Bath mats are a strange thing; you either love or hate them. We LOVE them, as they can help to cover an unfashionable floor and of course, stop us slipping over when we get out of the tub! Choose a beautiful one and you could instantly find that your bathroom looks more elegant and chic, without you needing to blow the budget on new tiles or a modern suite!

Opt for something natural, that will dry quickly and try to avoid super bright colours, as this will draw the eye to a floor that you might not like and you will find that quick bathroom changes like this can leave you with a deceptively high-end space that wasn't there before.

Buy some blinds

Marlowe House, Chigwell Boscolo Modern bathroom

Marlowe House, Chigwell


If you are looking for some quick bathroom changes that you can implement and install yourself, have you considered adding blinds? We know that most bathrooms will already have privacy glass or curtains in place, but blinds bring a modern touch to your space that nothing else can match.

We are fans of a traditional venetian blind in the bathroom, as seen here, especially in white as it seems to lift the space and matches most bathroom suite items. You get all the benefit of natural light, but on your terms and without heavy fabric that might get damp over the course of a few weeks. C'est magnifique!

Add some cool storage

If you are hoping to improve the look and feel of your bathroom by adding some cool elements, don't simply opt for the first storage cupboard you find that will fit your bathroom, as you could make the space seem claustrophobic or dated. Instead, look for something a little more unusual or seek to repurpose the space you already have with a lick of paint and some fun effects!

We love quick bathroom changes that have a big impact so in this example, we are focusing on the adding of LED lighting to the shelves. Easy to install and found in most DIY shops, these cable lights make for fab storage upcycling!

Add some plants

A little bit of nature can go a really long way when you are transforming a room on a budget, so for a super low cost and simple upgrade, seek out some moisture-loving plants and look to place them on shelves that could do with a little finishing work. A great example of quick bathroom changes that make a big difference, we think heading to your local garden centre for some advice is a great plan and could transform your bathroom in seconds when you get home!

For more bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 Cladding Ideas For Bathrooms.

Have you tried any of these budget hacks in your bathroom? Tell us about your results!

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