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Inspiring illumination ideas for Christmas

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It's not all about the food and presents at Christmas, you know. In fact, how you choose to decorate can make a big impact on your experience as a whole, so we think you should give some extra thought to how you use lighting at the most fun time of the year!

Christmas decorations really set the tone for your celebrations and we think the best of them all are fun, festive lights. Whether you simply use them on your tree or look for new and exciting ways to include them, they always have a wonderful impact and look stunning, so why not look to include more of them into your scheme this year?

Take a look at some of our favourite ways to include Christmas lights in your decorating and see if you might be tempted to ho, ho, have go!

As a wreath

Christmas Lifestyle Habitat

Christmas Lifestyle


How glorious and fantastically festive does this stunning fairy-light wreath look? We simply cannot get enough of it and for colourful, fun homes, we think this is an absolute must that can be recreated simply and cheaply.

Take a plain wreath, either real or artificial, add some lights, secure with cable ties or even sandwich bag ties and you're done! So many LED battery powered lights are available now that you would be able to find lights that didn't need plugging into the mains, thus saving you money and reducing the potential for tripping! Christmas decorations like this really do fill us with the joys of the season, do they you?

On your tree

A simple and classic use for lights, we think Christmas decorations don't get much more lovely and simple than tree lights, but you don't have to go down the traditional route!

Take a closer look at this super alternative tree from Wood BC and you will see that rather than electric fairy-lights, it is covered in tea lights that have all been lit. Potentially not a good idea for a household with young children or animals, we think this is a fantastic reinvention of festive lighting nonetheless and love how it adds warmth and cheer to the living room.

Outside your house

Nothing says 'stop here Santa' quite like a beautiful light show outside your house at Christmas time, though we think it looks so beautiful, we doubt we would ever take the lights back down once they were up!

Christmas decorations such as this can be an elegant year-round addition to your home, but when put in place in December, really do bring a festive cheer that is hard to beat. Perhaps to add a little more glitz, you could opt for lights that can be set to 'chase', so they flash or maybe even colour-changing ones! We like this classic display though and appreciate how simply it can add some Christmas magic to the garden.

On the table

Christmas Lifestyle M&S Dining roomAccessories & decoration

Christmas Lifestyle


Candles aren't only perfect for mood lighting you know, in fact, they make wonderful festive table centrepieces and look lovely when lit on top of mantles. 

A longstanding favourite of ours, church candles, in particular, make wonderful Christmas decorations as they can be accessorised and dressed up easily, according to your wider decor scheme. We think this dining room display looks wonderfully chic and elegant, with a silver and white colour scheme clearly at play and with the candles being so plain, it makes eclectic candlesticks a surefire style hit!

As your heating

Alpine Christmas Cushions, Stockings and Decoration Jan Constantine Classic style living room
Jan Constantine

Alpine Christmas Cushions, Stockings and Decoration

Jan Constantine

What festive lighting Ideabook would be complete without mentioning a beautiful open fire? Never mind the fact that it prevents Jack Frost from nipping at your nose, it also exudes a beautiful and natural glow that fills your festive space with cheer.

Christmas decorations can be as simple as you want them to be, so by hanging a few stockings from the mantle and decorating the top with clove oranges and cards, your fireplace automatically becomes a key part of your scheme and we love it!

In the form of modern art

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Display Unit- NEC, Birmingham

Avivo Lighting Limited

Technically, we know these lights weren't created specifically to look like Christmas baubles, but nonetheless, they do and as such, we want them in our houses as part of our decorating scheme this December! The perfect alternative to brightly coloured or gaudy Christmas decorations, we can see minimalist fans loving these lights and using them as part of a more understated festive decorating scheme, while secretly eating a mince pie and hiding some tinsel!

For more festive inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Awesome Christmas Gifts For Grown Up Kids.

How do you use lights to good effect at Christmas? Let us know your style secrets!

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