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Furnishing a small apartment: a simple guide

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The perks of small apartment are widely known. They use less resources rendering them cheaper and the intimacy of the small spaces bring an unparalleled zest into the apartment. However, when people furnish these cosy caves, they often fell into a decorative pitfall. Having in mind the limited space, design is abandon for the sake of functionality.

While is fairly obvious that practicality should be considered when furnishing a small space, a sense of style should also be incorporated. It’s by striking a balance between function and design that the tiny apartment acquires character and uniqueness. If you live in small apartment, the furniture that surround you should align with your needs but at the same time highlight your personal aesthetic.

Thus, we decided for today to give you some tips on how to avoid this decorative trap. Let’s see then how to furnish a small apartment.

Create storage space in the hallway

One of the major issues with small apartments has always been the lack of storage space. But having less square feet doesn’t mean that you should have less storage space. It just means you will need to be savvy in using up the rooms efficiently. The challenge is to find unused places in your apartment and turn them into storage. Look around the house and think: “Where is a dead space and how can I use it?”

Usually, hallways remain unexploited. Hence a great way to create storage space is to tap into that specific area. You can install a multipurpose furniture that acts as a shoe stand while at the same time leaves room to add a few personal artefacts. On the wall, you can add a few hangers for your winter coats. Be smart in using the untapped spaces of your small apartment when it comes to storage and you will never have an issue with clutter!

Make the living room as cosy as possible

One of the advantages of compact space is its intimate nature. To make you living room a den of cosiness keep blankets, pillows and throws in arms reach. Of course, colour schemes will play a significant role when making a room cosy, so go for warm and light colours as they also tend to open the space.

Regarding the floor, a rug will always add a sense of zest in the room. When dealing with small living room, a stripped rug will help you perceive the room larger than it is. Given the fact that most small apartments are boxy, use your furniture to give it some curves. As with the image above, the compact corner living room feels warm with light colours accents, a rug on the floor and pillows with blankets filling up the space.

Peaceful and calm bedroom

When considering furnishing the bedroom of a small apartment, perhaps is time to show the door to the king size bed. But if you are not ready to ditch the bed of your dreams don’t be dismayed because we have more tips for you. You can opt for multipurpose furniture that serve as a storage. 

For example, under-bed storage solutions can save a lot of space in your bedroom. Also, consider the inclusion of mirrors which reflect light entering the room giving it more ambiance. Of course, to create a peaceful and calm bedroom, the colours that will take up walls, furniture and textiles should come in lighter hues. 

As we can see from the image above, the bedroom has not abandoned its sizeable bed and found clever ways of storage with an overhead shelve and side tables, adopting light hues of white for a calming atmosphere. As for the writings on the wall, it adds uniqueness to the room.

Functional kitchen

While the kitchen might be lacking space it doesn’t mean it should be short in style. Of course, functionality should be incorporated. When thinking about practical furniture, retractable tables are a great way to go. As the image illustrates, the table can be tracked out and pushed back depending on needs, thus freeing precious square feet. Similarly, a folding table and folding chairs can be used to liberate the limited space.

As for storage solutions, an open shelving unit can add storage without taking up much space while you can get creative with cabinets by adding a pull out pantry. A great playful and practical touch for you small kitchen can be swivel stools. Look at your kitchen and think: “How can I save up space without sacrificing my needs and character?”

Small closet ideas

When living in a small apartment, it is usually a universal problem when opening the small closet and think: “What can I really fit in here?”  As with every space in a small apartment, the small closet can become highly functional and organised. The trick is to use every last centimeter of vertical space.

The closet floor can foster your shoes, while on the top shelves you can store towels and out of season clothes. Wire racks are perfect to supplement a small closet as they can be lined upon a wall and become the habitat of everyday items. 

Or you can opt for the open closet depicted in the image as an extra.  You can use floor space for shoes, while the clothing rod can take up you daily clothes. To add an extra dimension to the small closet you can remove its doors and redefine them into a novel object, such as a desk!

Practical bathroom

Ypsy for the Bathroom homify BathroomStorage MDF Green

Ypsy for the Bathroom


A small bathroom, by its nature, has to marry functionality with clever storage and design.  In doing so, every inch of the bathroom must have a purpose so as to harness the full potential of the tiny space. Obviously, large furniture fittings would be unwelcomed as they take up a lot of space. Instead, you can opt for open selves that add a sense of zest and colour.

Have you ever consider using a ladder as a replacement for storage containers? It can be an artistic statement in your small bathroom with practical implications. Also, the underbelly of the sink can be dressed with a skirt to hide clutter, such as cleaning products. Similarly, wooden crates can be a practical storage solution either by hanging them up the walls or lying them on the ground.

Create privacy outside

A tiny apartment can feel cramped sometimes, hence the balcony or the garden can offer you a sense of much needed privacy. They can become an escape retreat of relaxation and peacefulness. To transform them into such a retreat, furniture will play a pivotal role. As with the image, a couch with upholstered foam pillows can become the perfect spot for an afternoon idleness.

In those private moments, if you are surrounded by nature the mind will be relieved from stress and worries. Hence, consider adding a colourful blend of colourful flower pots. If you wish to add a personal touch, the image once more can provide a visual example. Wooden boxes stacked on top of each other create a wall that brims with nature.

There is no reason for a small apartment to lose uniqueness when furnishing it. With a little resourcefulness, your personal touch will mingle with functionality into creating an apartment you will love to live in.

Would any of these tips help your small apartment issues? Let us know in the comments!

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