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Time to relax in your own chillout area

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In a society that suffers from the stresses of balancing family and work life, a house often misses an area that is specifically designed for relaxation. We often structure our homes based on functions, creating rooms that will serve as means for certain tasks. The kitchen, the bedroom, the living room and the bathroom are all areas that have been incorporated in the house because of what they offer.

Hence the positivity of a corner that offers tranquillity in the face of anxiety and soothes the mind in emotional tantrums, sounds like an area that should be incorporated in the house. The chill out area might have a positive impact on children as well. When they are overwhelmed with emotions they cannot handle due to their fragile age, the chill out area can diffuse them before escalating to uncontrollable behaviours.

Hence, today we decided to relax your mind by helping you create a chill out area.

Comfortable seating

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Brontë Chaise Longue


Relaxation and comfort go hand in hand, so your chill out area will need comfortable sitting arrangements. Depending on how you will use the relaxation corner, comfy seating can be a chaise longue by a window, a day bed or a series of bean bags.

Of course, the chill out area doesn’t necessarily have to be confined inside the walls of the house. Hence if you have a garden, you can place a bench under a tree for Zen moments in nature. Or if you have a balcony, you can create a private zone by including a comfortable couch for an afternoon idleness. The important thing to remember when it comes to sitting ergonomics, is that the back should be adequately supported otherwise it will be stressed out. That would defeat the purpose of a chill out area, wouldn’t it?

Relaxing lighting

Science has taught us thus far that good lighting augments our mood and under a dim light the emotional intensity of important decisions is toned down. Thus, if you wish to use the chill out area as a time out spot from the pressures of everyday life, it is important that the light emitted from the light source creates a relaxing atmosphere.

On one hand, blue-rich light that is often found in fluorescent bulbs keeps us alerts, hence we are naturally more productive during the day. On the other hand, reddish light will be best suited for naps. For your relaxation area opt for LED bulbs that contain a variety of blue, red and green light which can be adjusted to foster all moods.  Also, with LEDs you can have a warm white light that will ensure a relaxing atmosphere of wellness.

Entertainment within easy reach

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Aero Audio and Entertainment

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Your relaxation area will need some easily accessible entertainment. Calming music, for example, has been proven to be a great stress reliever. You can include a record-player that plays nature sounds offering you serene moments.

Visual stimuli are also linked with relaxation, thus a television will fit perfectly with your chill out area. It will be nice to spend an hour on a relaxing couch simply immersed in your favourite series, wouldn’t it? Also, with a television you can plug in game consoles that have a proven record in requiring focus and attention from the mind, allowing it to distant from stress!

Of course books can become a gateway to different dimensions, a time machine that sends you from the past to the future, helping you in the process to calm your senses. Include a small bookshelf in your chill out area and you will not regret it!

Calming colour and décor

A great tool for relaxation is colour as it can have a significant impact on mood and wellness. The effects of colour on the emotional world have been examined by western and eastern sciences alike. The former tells us that red colour increases stress while environments in white and green hues do not.

The latter, supports that colours attach different energies in the home. According to Feng Shui, the blue family is the most calming, with soft blue colours being capable of reducing blood pressure and slow down heart rate. But any kind of dusty and muted colours, whether that is grey, green or beige can create a relaxing atmosphere in the chill out area.

Whether you decide to paint a wall in muted accents, include a wallpaper with a reference to serene environments or decorate your chill out area with textiles, make sure the colours you will use create a relaxing atmosphere.

Comforting blankets and cushions

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Harlequin Cushion

Niki Jones

Since we already mention textiles, it seems fitting to elaborate on their possible involvement to the chill out area. Textiles can help transform it into a dedicated area of warmth.

You can cosy up the chill out corner for the frosty winter afternoons with a few pillows and a floor rug. Throw a couple of blankets in the mix to complete the sense of relaxation while laying on your comfortable seats, watching the run-on-the-mill series or reading a book. Soft fabrics have also an added benefit: they can keep sound for echoing, a great calming trick that is widely used by many spas!

Personal touches

Finally, your chill out are will need a more personal touch that will denote your unique character. Artwork is a great way to create an area that tells your story. You can hang paintings, picture frames, sculptures or even some posters. But since the theme is relaxation, you can also create your own art and showcase it in the chill out area.

There are many studies which correlate art with stress release. The so called art therapy, is a technique to release negative energy and express deep seeded feelings. Especially with children, art therapy can become a great relaxation tool by allowing them to tap into their emotional database and openly express their feelings. It doesn't have to be a Pollock painting, scribbles or simple lines will be enough!

Every house should have an area dedicated to relaxation, a comfortable and cosy corner that can become an escape from the troubles of habitual life. We hope our ideas convinced you to the significance of a chill out area and helped you make it as tranquil as it can be.

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Have you been inspired by our chillout area ideas? Do you have any other suggestions? We'd love to hear them in the comments!

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