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Atelier036 Modern living room
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When it comes to remodelling a home, it’s fun to dream big, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t just love to show off new interiors with eye-catching hues, fresh furniture and a dazzling ambience?

Well, the great news is that tiny tweaks can be just as effective in making you fall in love with your home all over again. But whether you’re tight on time or worried about stretching your budget too thin, we’ve compiled a list of affordable home improvement ideas that can help you to liven up your living spaces quickly, cheaply and easily. 

And even better news is that these creative tips can be completed in either one day or over the course of the weekend—what else were you planning on doing? Sleeping?

Let’s take it away!

1. Add a gallery wall

Whether it’s the hallway or the living room (or even the dining area), style up a wall space into a DIY gallery wall comprised of well-loved prints. 

Hang art pieces that range in size and shape for added dimension, or even pack them out on a floating shelf or two. Choose stylish frames (whether vintage or modern) that complement each other.

2. Rearrange furniture

Living space Atelier036 Modern living room

Living space


For an instant refresh, switch up a room’s furniture placement. But approach the new layout from a seasonal point of view: make your fireplace the focal point in winter, and reposition pieces in summer depending on how the light streams in. 

Don’t be afraid to think beyond a room itself either—that wingback chair in the living room, for example, might look good in your bedroom…

3. Add new accents

Cushions in living room Perfect Stays Modern living room
Perfect Stays

Cushions in living room

Perfect Stays

Some eye-catching accessories can lend a bright new look to your interiors. Zhoosh up your sofa with some playfully patterned cushions, or treat the floor to a stylish new rug. 

Or what about adding some new tones to the kitchen via textiles, curtains and stool covers?

4. Style up them bookshelves

Think of those bookshelf pieces are fanciful art displays that need to be carefully curated. And seeing as this task needn’t take long at all, you can finish it off quickly during a quiet Sunday afternoon. 

homify hint: Arrange your paperbacks by colour or wrap unsightly book covers in pretty paper.

5. Create an accent wall

Your busy social schedule might not allow you to paint an entire room. Thus, create a quick accent wall to achieve the same decorative punch. 

Paint the wall a bright hue or select a graphic wallpaper pattern that grabs attention.

6. Paint your furniture

Give those tired old furniture pieces a new lust for life via a fresh coat of paint. 

Whether you want to refresh dated cabinets or revamp a dull dresser, new-and-improved furniture pieces will cheer up a room without breaking the bank.

7. Enhance those walls

Living Room Wall Paper Ghar360

Living Room Wall Paper


An accent wall can be completed in a day; to be more creative, you won’t need more than a weekend. 

Seriously style up those walls by trying your hand at colour blocking (pairing two or three totally different colours together to make a bold statement), or brighten a room with some delightful stencils and wall decals.

8. Update your backsplash

Thankfully, marble and glass mosaics aren’t our only options when it comes to timeless kitchen backsplashes. Self-adhesive wall tiles are all the rage right now, as they make anybody feel like a seasoned interior designer

This budget-friendly alternative presents a world full of different options and styles, is simple to install and will still give your space an effortlessly elegant feel.

9. Organise and de-clutter

Trust us: purging your home of old and unwanted clutter can have just as dramatic an impact as adding new stuff. Release yourself from the claustrophobia by tackling your interiors one at a time and seeing what you can do without.

The new spacious gaps in your interiors will definitely make a difference (less is more, after all).

10. Elevate your entrance

Traditional Front Door Shine Lighting Ltd Classic style houses
Shine Lighting Ltd

Traditional Front Door

Shine Lighting Ltd

You know what they say about first impressions. So, start by painting your front door an energising hue that suits the exterior. 

To further enhance your front façade, dress up your porch with plants and replace your mailbox, doormat and number signs with more modern options. 

In the spirit of a fantastic front façade, see these: 9 basic mistakes to avoid when painting your front door.

Which of these tips will you be trying out?

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