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When it comes to adding more space to a home, extensions are definitely one of the most popular options people are opting for these days. Get a professional to assist you, tell them your needs (i.e. a bigger kitchen, a guest bedroom), let them get to work to assess your existing property and layout, et voilà: a new interior space for your house!

Of course, in real life, the process isn’t quite so simple or quick, yet that doesn’t take away from the many advantages an extension brings to a home, its inhabitants and their lifestyle.

Case in point, today’s homify 360° highlight, which saw a structurally glazed extension added to the rear of an existing property. The concept that was presented to the experts in charge (London-based architects Trombe) was a samurai warrior’s mask, based on the client’s interest in Japan.

Care to take a look?

Seen from outside

It’s quite hard to picture the house without this new glazed extension, as it fits the existing construction like a glove; like it was part of the original structure all along. 

The contemporary extension is made up of a zinc roof, bi-fold glass doors and, of course, a frameless bay window which consists of huge panes of glass to allow a prime view of the surrounding gardens.

The top touch

You can never have too much natural lighting – that must have been the idea the architects were working with (and we tend to agree with them). Here, at the top of the new extension, a skylight was added to allow some more sunshine to become part of the interiors.

But apart from extra interior space, what was this new extension used for?

Dining with a view

Instead of dinner and a show, these homeowners opted for dinner and a view by incorporating the entire glass extension into a dining room

Sleekness abound just about everywhere, from the crystal-clear glass walls to the marble floors, right through to the timber table and contemporary chairs, ensuring that the fabulous garden- and city view is just one of the many elegant features of this new space.

One last look

One good look deserves another; thus, let’s leave you with this final view of the extension from a further vantage point, which allows us to see how the glass structure contrasts quite effectively with the brick and tile that dominate the house’s façade materials. 

Now for something less noticeable; see: The sensational undetectable extension.

What did you think of this glass extension?

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