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Common bedroom design mistakes

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Isn't it easy to get so excited about designing yourself a new bedroom that you end up with a space that doesn't quite cut the mustard? It's almost impossible to figure out where you've gone wrong (unless you're a professional interior designer), which makes it all the more infuriating.

Well, we've uncovered 10 of the most common mistakes when it comes to bedroom design, which are hard to spot but will leave your boudoir feeling less fabulous and more frustrating. Because we don't want you to get discouraged and stop attempting to improve your home, we're going to let you in on them right now.

Prepare to have all the knowledge you need to make a beautiful bedroom, as here are all the mistakes you need to avoid!

1. Overbearing overhead cabinets

Do you remember the days when fully built-in storage around the headboard was a thing? While modern versions are far more stylish, old-fashioned, bulky installations will shrink the room and look terrible. 

Solution: Choose sleek, tall cabinets that stretch up to the ceiling but leave the headboard free.

2. Bed linen that's too bright

If you're trying to create a restful space, you don't want to go too overboard with the neon brights. They might seem fun but you could find  they're too engaging, thereby preventing you getting a good night's sleep. 

Solution: Neutrals in natural cotton are best.

3. Not having enough wall shelves

We all have trinkets and pictures we want to display, so going without any wall shelves in your bedroom is a huge no-no. 

Solution: Simple floating varieties will maintain a modern look, yet still give you extra storage.

4. Choosing a rug that's the wrong size

So many of us do this and not only in our bedroom. You need to consider the size of your bed, as that's the piece of furniture that will pin your rug to the floor.

Solution: Look for something larger than the bed, but not so large it swamps the entire floor. You want to step out of bed onto a soft surface, but not have a floating carpet!

5. Not including a mirror

Not only are mirrors vital for making sure you look as good as you feel before you leave the house, they're also critical for circulating natural light around your space and making it feel larger. 

Solution: You don't need to have an entire wall of mirror panels, but do look for something large and beautiful.

6. Leaving electrical wires out on show

In this day and age, having any electric wires out on show feels like a lazy mistake. 

Solution: It's simple to keep your installations seamless and neat, so be sure to fit clever switches for your lamps (perhaps inside bedside table drawers) and get those wires hidden!

7. Negating a dressing table

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Some of you may think a dressing table is an old-fashioned thing to include in your bedroom, but think about how practical they are and you'll soon rediscover their value.

Solution: Ideal for hiding away cosmetics and personal items, they're also lovely because they give you a special place to sit and enjoy some 'you time'.

8. Making the lighting over-complicated

This is a bedroom we're talking about, not a disco, so your lighting should never be so over the top that it feels as though you can't drift off into a nice, natural slumber. 

Solution: Stick to a plain main light and add some ambient side lamps and you can't go wrong.

9. Trying to use too many colours

We know some of you love to experiment with colour (and we wholeheartedly support that), but your bedroom needs to be more neutral and relaxing. Trust us on this one! 

Solution: Bright hues are fantastic for communal spaces, but you should feel relaxed and sleepy as soon as you walk into your bedroom, which is something you can't do with bright red walls.

10. Not thinking about integrating a desk

If you need a workstation at home but are struggling to find enough space, think about your bedroom. 

Solution: A minimal set up would not only look great, it could even double up as a dressing table. Imagine being able to wake up refreshed and getting straight to work!

For more bedroom advice, take a look at this Ideabook: Original headboard designs.

Have you made any of these mistakes in your bedroom?

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