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It's ok if you don't believe we have some great ideas for jazzing up your bathroom for less than £50. We'd be sceptical too, but we really have.

By checking out how bathroom designers finish and make spaces more personal and stylish for their clients, we think we've identified some key features, as well as some handy and budget-friendly ways, to get the looks for less.

If you always feel as though your bathroom is falling a little short of the mark, isn't it worth a quick, easy and cheap upgrade? Take a look and see if we've stumbled upon the perfect addition for your space!

1. Add some interesting mosaic tiles

Have you ever noticed how cheap mosaic tile sheets are in DIY stores? We have and are always keen to think of new ways to use them. This mirror surround is fantastic and so unique and we think you could easily dream up something cool to surround your own bathroom mirror with!

2. Install a few plants

Get to your local garden centre and ask for some advice about moisture-loving house plants! All you need is one or two and your bathroom will feel instantly far prettier and more natural.

3. Swap out the sink for something funkier

Choosing a more unusual sink for your bathroom is a great way to make the whole space stand out.

However, if you don't have the funds to splash out on a designer variety, how about choosing a bargain one and painting it? Nobody would have the same one as you!

4. Try a spot of upcycling with antique furniture

If you have some old furniture laying around not doing much, you can easily and quickly transform it into a fabulous and totally one-off vanity unit for your bathroom.

The only thing you might need to buy are some handles; apart from that, you'd have everything already. 

5. Make the walls more unusual

For a constantly evolving bathroom design, blackboard wall paint is impossible to beat. One coat should cover whatever is on your walls already and then all you need is a few bits of chalk.

6. Have a think about wallpaper

Bathroom wallpaper is great for preventing mildew on your walls and creating a gorgeous aesthetic. Plus, with it being so reasonably priced these days, you won't have to break the bank or devote too much time to your bathroom in order to give it a total overhaul.

You could save even more money by simply papering one feature wall.

7. How about making a mirror gallery wall?

Now this is a fabulous idea! Take a trip to some charity shops and car boot sales to see if you can pick up some old-fashioned mirrors for a few pounds and then create a striking gallery wall with them all.

You could even spend the last of your budget on some spray paint to give them all a copper finish, if you want to be really trendy.

8. Test your wood painting skills

If it's your vanity unit that's leaving you underwhelmed in your bathroom, grab a paintbrush! 

A simple whitewash will look wonderful as part of a beach or country feel. Or you could try something bolder, for a contemporary vibe. 

Either way, you'll probably only need a tester pot of paint, which will be so cheap compared to a whole new unit.

9. Invest in a more exciting shower head

Swapping out your shower head can work wonders in terms of making a bathroom feel more together and luxurious and with such a vast array to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice.

We like vintage-style versions that look expensive and opulent, but there are now LED shower heads that bathe you in hot water and uplifting colour!

10. Put your crafting skills to the test

You're in a wonderful position if you're a crafting savant because you can create unique items to put in your bathroom. One of our favourites is stained glass! 

Please consider this if you have the skills and the materials, as the rest of us have to buy costly panels.

For more bathroom tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Practical bathroom design tips.

Which of these ideas are you thinking of trying?

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