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Golden rules of interior design

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We know everyone has different tastes and it's perfectly fine to embrace and experiment with them, but there are a handful of golden home design rules that can't ever be broken. 

Interior designers know what we're talking about, but some of them are too polite to explain you're making some grave errors, which is why we're going to tell you. 

You don't want a disorganised home that needs redecorating every year, do you? Well, come with us and find out how you can avoid that pitfall by discovering the most common mistakes you absolutely have to avoid!

1. Stacking objects on top of each other

If you're short on space, stacking might seem like a good idea but it's really not. You'll drown out usable space and create a health and safety hazard while you're at it. 

Instead, invest in some cost-effective industrial racking and get everything stacked properly.

2. Cramming furniture into a small room

Small rooms don't have to be a disappointment, so stop trying to make them feel more like larger spaces. By putting too much furniture into a small room, you amplify the petite proportions and draw attention to how tiny it is. 

The solution is to just choose a couple of items that look great and have a multifunctional purpose, such as corner desks that are built into book cases, for small home offices.

3. Putting up with unhelpful lighting

Why do we all seem to shrug our shoulders and accept poor lighting? It's probably laziness, but we need to get out of the habit of making do. 

Dark corners and dingy spaces need daylight imitation bulbs and layered lighting, such as lamps and candles, to make everything brighter!

4. Leaving your kitchen counters cluttered

Nothing makes a home feel dirty and uncared for quite like a kitchen that has counters filled with clutter, dirty dishes and rubbish. 

The easiest ways to tackle this are to get in the habit of tidying as you cook, resetting the room at the end of the day and having enough storage. 

5. Choosing outlandish furniture

We honestly understand the desire to go all out with some glamorous furniture choices, but you have to maintain an awareness you'll probably want to replace it all at some point. 

The best thing to do is choose neutral large items (such as sofas and tables) and express your unique tastes through accessories. Cushions and tableware are perfect for the job!

6. Trying to blend too many styles

Whether you're trying to include a medley of styles in one room, or throughout your house, you have to be careful because it very rarely works.

For a more cohesive look, it's a better idea to identify a style or design theme you love enough to refer to in every room. 

7. Choosing furniture that's too large

Never mind trying to install too much furniture into a room because, however few in number, they'll still make a negative impact on your home. You have to think proportionally if you want to maintain a good flow, easy movement and gorgeous aesthetics.

We think we can boil all of these mistakes down to a simple solution: furnish proportionally, keep everything tidy and don't commit to bold styles until you're absolutely sure you'll love them forever. 

Et voila… a wonderful home!

For more mistakes to avoid, take a look at this Ideabook: Common bedroom design mistakes.

Did we highlight any mistakes you've made?

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