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A home with boundless potential

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These days, rear home extensions are extremely commonplace—from London terrace houses, semi-detached homes, or country manors, extensions offer the occupants an increased living space and an updated, modern floorplan. With all the numerous examples of house refurbishments and extensions, it is rare that one truly peaks your interest and generates a large amount of enthusiasm. This is one such example. Stunningly designed by LBMV Architects, this unique design provides a combination of minimalist elegance and distinctive functionality. Bringing together the tradition and heritage of the existing structure and fusing it with a sleek cutting-edge build, the result is a space that looks breathtakingly clean and elegant. To tour the full extension, check out the photos below, and enjoy the seamless and sophisticated refinement of this brilliant architectural project.

The old with the new

When viewing this property, the first and most striking element to the design is the brilliant contrast between the existing building and the new structure. Purposefully divergent, these two elements work brilliantly to evoke a sense of modernity and sleek elegance. As is generally the case with older properties like this semi-detached home, floor plans don't often lend themselves to modern living. Rooms are often closed off and areas segregated. In order to bring this home into the 21st century and provide it with space for a family, an extension was needed. Rather than attempt to blend in this refurbishment with the existing property, the architects have deliberately created something that is bold yet recessive and contemporary, with a dash of individualism and innovation.

Strong linear geometry

This space has attitude—the linear nature of the kitchen design means it is recessive and in-keeping with the cubist nature of the extension. Sleek lines prevail in this room; the kitchen island is shiny, reflective, and offers a sense of cleanliness and purity. The resounding atmosphere of the space is one of contemporary sophistication. In order to achieve this a white colour scheme dominates the area and is punctuated by hints of contrasting colour such as black window trims and dark appliances.

Another perspective

Taking a look from another angle, we get a glimpse of the hallway area, which again is a linear space interspersed by crisp cabinetry and sleek joinery. The numerous angular sections of this space at first glance might seem sharp, but in actuality, the area feels rather comfortable, and for all of its chic modernity, extremely liveable. Downlights illuminate the space with ease, and provide a bright luminosity to the reflective white surfaces.

Entertaining space

With older properties, there often exists a need to create a space that can house an area for entertaining and standard family life. Generally, historic buildings were segregated and their floor plan was anything but ‘open’. By adding an extension to the rear of the property, the dwelling is given a new lease on life, and a practical advantage over other comparable homes. This is now a superb space for family life: open, clean, and expansive, and a fresh area that breathes life into an already beautiful building. What is truly stunning about this extension is the wall of glass to the rear of the structure. This moveable wall allows the already seamless transition from the interior to exterior to disappear altogether, providing the ultimate entertaining and socialising zone.

Plentiful natural light

By looking out towards the garden space we are given a different perspective and are able to see the ingenious way that the architects have incorporated natural light. Almost a mezzanine of glass, this extra opening shines light into the middle and rear of the extension and ensures it is well-lit. Although not yet furnished, it is easy to imagine this space functioning as a stylish dining and living area, replete with all the modern conveniences necessary to entertain and live in style.

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