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When it comes to cleaning house, neat freaks tend to have the best advice and tips. Well, that is what we thought until we stumbled upon a treasure case of tricks conjured up by lazy homeowners – now there’s a bunch that knows how to get cleaning done quickly and easily! 

And whether you identify with being ‘lazy’ or ‘a perfectionist’, you’re going to love these ideas for getting your place spic and span in record time!

Let’s take it from the top…

1. Have less stuff

Sounds like a no-brainer – that’s because it is! Approaching your interior design from a minimalist point of view will definitely provide you with fewer items to dust and polish.

Give it a go!

2. Take advantage of your dishwasher

Here’s the best tip you’ll ever receive: your dishwasher’s not just for cleaning dishes, pots and cups! Try throwing in shoes, car parts, plastic toys and small tools. 

And although some people proclaim that you can even clean your crusty, crisp-stained keyboard in there as well, we recommend that you provide with this one at your own risk!

3. Wear fluffy socks to dust so much less

Who knew that fluffy socks could be a magnet for dust and hair? 

Walk around the house for an entire weekend wearing only comfy, fluffy socks on your feet, and those floors will look like you’ve just dusted the entire house.

4. Clean the microwave quickly and easily

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Few things are as revolting as the stench of leftovers that waft from the microwave. Even if you don't notice it, food bacteria from multiple uses can accumulate in there over time. 

For an easy fix, pour two cups of water and ½ cup of vinegar into a microwave-safe bowl and nuke it for three minutes on full power. Wipe your microwave clean and it's as good as new.

5. Keep a plastic grocery bag on the counter while you cook

Who has cleaning-energy left after cooking a huge meal? 

To make that post-dinner clean-up proceed so much faster, tie a plastic grocery bag to a counter or cabinet handle and toss in bits of trash and food scraps for the compost pile while you cook. 

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6. Make your bed before you get out of it

Before getting up to face the day, simply sit with your back against the headboard and your feet facing the end, then pull the comforter and sheets up toward your waist. Slide out of the side, and there you go: a whole new level of tidiness!

7. Buy dark towels that don’t show stains

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Bathrooms by King of Cotton

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Forget the creams and whites; rather go with darker hues for your towels to hide the stains, particularly those pesky ones that are seemingly inevitable when removing makeup.

This doesn’t mean that you can forego giving them a regular wash, though!

8. Squeegee your shower door before getting out

Feel like giving up on scrubbing grimy bathroom tiles? Squeegee your tiled walls and glass shower door after every use to make the chore less dreadful. 

And if those laziness levels have reached record readings, simply spray them with no-wipe cleaner. Problem solved!

9. Buy anti-microbial doormats

This is actually an infomercial product you can try out! This astounding invention will trap any dirt coming from outside before it even enters your home. 

For better results, enforce a no-shoes policy to avoid having dirt tracked across your carpets and tile floors. The less dirt, the less cleaning you'll have to do later.

10. Clean as you go

Think back to childhood to when Mum told you to put things back where you found them. This is the best way to keep your home tidy. 

And whenever you go to a different part of your house, make a conscious effort to put something away. After all, you're already up and moving! 

Since we’re already in the “spirit of spotlessness”, let’s see these: 19 clever ideas to make cleaning your home less of a chore!

Which of these tips sped up your cleaning schedule?

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