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Why are kitchen tiles a good idea?

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Kitchen tiles aren't a new thing, but have you ever stopped to think about exactly why that is? We have, and came up with a few key reasons why kitchen planners always find themselves designing new spaces with tiles in mind. 

It's all very well wanting to remain at the cutting edge of interior design and will admit that glass splashbacks are incredibly cool and stylish, but take a look at why tiles are such a steadfast addition and see if you might like to include a little bit of tradition in your kitchen!

1. They're easy to apply

All you need to get a professional finish with your tiles is a cutter, some spacers and cement and you're good to go. Even more convenient is the modern innovation of two-in-one tile cement and grout!

2. They inject instant colour and variation

Nothing has quite as much potential for adding colour and or pattern to your kitchen as tiles. 

And if you can dream it, you can buy it. You can even get tiles that create a picture like a ceramic wall jigsaw!

3. You can create patterns with them

If you have some artistic tendencies, you can select a few different colours of tile and create your own mosaic. This will not only work on your walls, but also on worktops and even floors!

4. They're easy to clean

A quick spritz of some cleaning fluid and a scrub with a scouring pad will always get your tiles gleaming in no time, as the glaze will prevent any stains from sinking in and causing permanent discolouration.

5. Everywhere stocks them

Picture your favourite DIY store. Now try to think about the tile section. It's huge, right? 

All high street DIY chains stock a vast amount of stylish, cost-effective tiles, meaning you can access something you'll like really easily.

6. They can be exceptional value for money

Depending on the type of tiles you want for your kitchen, they can be a wonderfully cost-effective and, dare we say it, even cheap finishing material.

Value packs of plain white tiles, for example, work out to a few pence each!

7. They give such a neat finish

Thanks to the shapes and crisp edges tiles are known for, you can enjoy a super neat and professional finish every time. Just be sure to wipe off any excess grout and you'll be golden!

8. Floors and walls can be made to match

Another great thing about tiles is if you put some on the wall and absolutely love them, they're hardy enough to go on the floor as well.

How's that for cohesive kitchen design minus the planning headache?

9. They come in all sizes

From tiny mosaics through to huge floor slabs, tiles come in every size you can imagine. Not only that, there are a medley of shapes readily available, which makes it easy to tap into the geometric trend.

10. You don't have to use many

If you just want to give your kitchen a little injection of colour and style, you don't have to go crazy with the tiles. A small, self-contained tiled splashback will be more than enough to look incredible and offer practicality.

11. They work in any style of kitchen

From ultra-minimalist through to gorgeously rustic, any kitchen can happily accept tiles as they come in such a wide variety of styles and designs. 

We can't think of a single kitchen style that would look bad with tile!

12. There are no rules

If you want to mix and match patterns, sizes, styles and shapes, you go for it. Tiles are all affixed to the wall in the same way so, as long as you can make your idea work, there's no limitation to your creativity!

For more kitchen tile inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The latest trends in kitchen tiles.

Why are you a fan of kitchen tiles?

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