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If your living room is essentially modern, but you want to emphasise your contemporary home design leanings, we have some great ideas that are quick, easy and impactful.

We know these are all interior designer approved, as we've been watching how living rooms (and homes in general) are given contemporary facelifts. So, rest assured all these tips and tricks have come straight from the amazing designer-led projects we've been most impressed by! 

There's always space for modern touches and exciting accessories in your living room, so see which ones you can't live without…

1. Add floating shelves

Shelves with brackets just aren't modern enough and it's time to get to grips with floating versions. Seamless, smooth and effortlessly contemporary, your living room will instantly look brand new.

2. Embrace unusual art

Here's a great tip for any art lovers. Buying and displaying something unusual, quirky or even controversial will definitely give your space a modern boost!

3. Go monochrome

Номинация новаторство: интерьер квартиры от 150 м Archiprofi Modern living room

Номинация новаторство: интерьер квартиры от 150 м


It's strange how a classic colour scheme can still be thought of as so modern, yet black and white is still up there with the freshest, most daring and contemporary choices. 

It's the perfect choice for living rooms in period houses that want to look more cutting edge.

4. Choose bold colours

Instead of filling your living room with furniture, how about choosing only a smattering of items and embracing some seriously bold colour? 

The brighter the better, and don't forget some contrasting cushions… minimal and modern!

5. Maintain a simple balance

Modern living rooms are always identifiable by the fact they're so well balanced. What we mean by this is a good use of harmonious colours, clear walkways and a mix of comfortable textiles and clear surfaces. 

Essentially, if you add anything, think about what the opposite accessory would be and give it some thought.

6. Place some stock in your technology

Most of us have a television in our living room, but is it up to date? 

If you love movie night, it's time to invest in some serious kit, with a new TV and surround sound. Make it the main focal point in the room and you won't begrudge the investment.

7. How about going open-plan?

Does your living room offer you open-plan potential? 

If so, it's worth considering as modern living rooms the world over are free of internal walls and enjoying the spacious results that come from being less confined.

8. Textured wall finishes

Less can be more, especially in terms of a modern aesthetic, so how about a single feature wall with 3D printed tiles? 

The latest development in interior design, this will keep your guests talking!

9. Geometric shapes

Trying to straddle the line between modern and retro seems almost impossible, but it's all about key motifs and how they work. If you want to keep things modern but funky, take a look at some of the incredible geometric designs available right now. 

A hark back to the past, while being the biggest current trend, and you might only need a rug!

10. Focus on sleek materials

Think of modern aesthetics and what do you see? Sleek, glossy surfaces, sharp lines and smooth-fronted storage? 

You're right! That's what we see too so, when choosing new furniture for your modern living room, try to stick to smooth materials and muted colours.

11. Be unique!

Of course, there are no prescriptive rules when it comes to decorating your home. What one person loves, another will hate, so it has to be all about you and your tastes.

Luckily, for a modern aesthetic, eclectic can work well. If you like it, buy it and make it work. It'll be modern because you say it is!

For more living room advice, take a look at this Ideabook: How can I divide my living room and hallway?

Which of these ideas could work well in your home?

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