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​DIY projects for beginners

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Regardless of how much we love our homes or try to keep up with the latest design- and architectural trends, time and the elements tend to take a significant toll on anyone’s house. It starts with a simple speck of dust and before you know it, there’s an ugly crack in the wall, a leaking ceiling, or something much worse (and expensive).

But let’s not get too dramatic; a few simple one-day DIY projects can help keep your home looking good and functioning better for longer. All you’ll need is a little time, a few simple tools and a pinch of creativity to turn your home (and garden) into an oasis of beauty and functionality.

Let’s start right now!

1. Add some new colours via paint

Colorful blurs Pixers Minimalist living room

A fresh coat of paint does wonders for any space, interior or exterior. All you need is your favourite colour paint and a few basic painting items to spruce up each room. 

Tackle one room per day and see how your entire house transforms into a panorama of colour.

2. Remove mould and mildew with a pressure washer

Exterior mould and mildew is to be expected for homes due to moisture levels. However, an in-depth cleaning with a pressure washer is all you need to remove that icky build-up on your home’s façade. 

Pressure washers are available to rent at many home improvement centres, so why not get on that ASAP? But please note: signs of interior mould and/or mildew on the walls, ceilings, or baseboards may be an indication of a leaking roof, water heater, or broken water line. In this situation, contact a professional to check for the problem.

3. Apply window film for energy efficiency

Did you know simple old window film can help with an energy-efficient house? The film works as a barrier to filter out excessive heat and cold. It’s also an excellent option for adding privacy and addressing unattractive views. 

Best of all? It's available in solid colours or in a variety of interesting patterns.

4. Clean window tracks and replace screens

Reinstalling Character and Charm homify Modern windows & doors

Every window in your house is subject to outside forces that include dirt and grime. To keep windows operating smoothly, regardless of the type of frame, clean built-up debris out of window tracks. 

Caulk any cracks around the windows that allow air in or out. Check the screens for holes, rips, or tears, and if damaged, replace with new screen. Also, replace the spline that can deteriorate over time.

5. Weatherproof doors for energy efficiency

Ever stop to think about the kind of beatings doors take on a daily basis? Like the windows, check for any cracks or seams and caulk if necessary. 

Also check the weatherstripping around the door frame, since it can degrade due to weather and usage.

6. Update your hardware

Since you’re really on a roll changing your home’s fixtures, you might as well upgrade the hardware on the kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, interior doors, closet doors, and glass sliding doors. 

You may also want to consider installing a security lock to doors that allow entry into your home.

7. Update floors with peel-and-stick tile

Hexagonal Floor Tiles Tileflair Modern walls & floors

For homes with older flooring, consider using one of the many patterns available with peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. 

These tiles are easily installed, and the new look will add to the overall appearance of any other one-day projects you choose to do, such as painting.

8. Paint a chalkboard to organise your schedule

They’re not just for kids anymore!

Chalkboard paint can turn simple areas (like the inside of cabinet doors, closet doors, the refrigerator or even an entire wall) into writing spaces, allowing you to conjure up shopping lists, to-do schedules, or even just messages for family members.

9. Start a compost pile

Topiary and Cloud Pruning in an English Country Garden Niwaki Eclectic style garden

By making your own compost, you help the environment, save money on gardening materials, and avoid the use of chemicals. 

With leftovers, you can get a jump-start on a compost pile in just one day. Keep it going indefinitely to have continual access to rich soil and watch that garden come alive like never before.  

Since we’re already outside, we might as well have a look at these: Homemade gardening ideas — 14 top solutions.

Which of these DIY projects are first on your list?

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